The Secret to Kissable Lips

It's the middle of July (woah) and that means oppressive heat and sunny days...and chapped lips. I know that no one desires to have chapped lips and recently I have been consistent with moisturizing and exfoliating my lips. 

I have always been a chapstick and lipstick obsessor, but lately I have been loving lip scrubs and exfoliators. They leave you with amazingly soft lips and there are even some great ones at the drugstores. 
Before I use any lip products, it has been added to my makeup and skincare routine to exfoliate my lips because I have forgotten how important it is to take care of them. I was at Target a while ago and stumbled across the Elf section and was wondering why there was a mint green lipstick! To my surprise it was a lip exfoliator. The best part? It's in a tube! No mess and great minty taste. I also got this other clear one that tastes like Shea butter or cocoa butter. You just apply it to damp lips, massage in circular motions, and try not to lick it all off (hehe). These are so inexpensive and great for on the go and no more sticking your clean fingers into sugar scrub pots. 
I have always been a huge EOS fan and all of their products have been mentioned if not loved. I was that teenager who was obsessed with lip balms and tints and I had one of every flavor or color and couldn't finish any of them, but just didn't care. It may sound pathetic, but it might show how much I actually love and continue to use them. I have never found that the Blueberry Acai has been a current favorite and I also really love Summer Fruit. 

Another balm I have been using, which is also a classic favorite of mine, is the Burt's Bees Bring Back the Bees Coconut and Pear lip balm. It is so summery and I will always support environmental movements or campaigns that companies do. It's nice to switch back and forth to have options. Both give very smooth and soft lips. What has been your favorite lip balm? 

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