Planning and Preparing For College...

I know it's not the end of the year yet, but since it's almost the beginning of a new adventure and a new year for me, I thought it was most appropriate to get a new planner for my freshman year of college. I will be starting in a little over a month and I am so anxious and ready to begin a new chapter. With that, comes much responsibility, independence, work, fun, and decision making for my future life. Don't take your opportunities post high school for granted--I learned that the hard way after waiting a year to hear back from my first choice school. I got in and am going (long and stressed over), but there's still a lot more to it than just the acceptance. 
When I get a planner, I open it up, skim through the organized calendars and note sections in awe. Many people don't get to opening their planners or never end up using them. I don't think many college students use planners or "agendas", however, I feel like nowadays their becoming more popular with teens and young adults all over. They're all trendy and hip now--I guess that's all it takes for a college student to get their life together (me). Designer planners? Can you believe it? Neither can I, but please sponsor me Kate Spade. 

In college, I intend on using this sucker every day. Right now I have been using a weekly sticky note calendar to sort my summer out, so I at least know what day of the week it is. During the school year though, I feel like I can get the most out of my day if I have a plan or some to-dos to keep me occupied. I'm gonna have so much free time in college, if you can believe it. 
I want to take advantage of my college experience as much as possible (more than high school). You only go to college once in your life and if it's going to go by as fast as high school did then I need to make the most of it. I've been so excited about college and who I will meet, what I'll learn, the inevitable mistakes I will make, and the things I will prove I can be capable of. I have already finished my dorm shopping and I think I will be a Target back-to-school ad, but that's totally fine with me because Target rocks. A Tour will be posted, so stay tuned. 
It's strange to think that a lot will change in the next month or so, and it scares me to pieces. It will be eye opening and I plan on using my blog to talk about a lot of college stuff (and keep it to beauty and fashion as well) in the future. 

I know I am ready for a new atmosphere and to get out of my comfort zone. My freshman orientation already verified it. The people are already so welcoming and I know I will be a great fit. What are your next future steps or plans?

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