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Sleeping in Our New Shed | Summer Fun

When do you ever get to say that you've slept in a shed? Now I've slept in a tent, a car, a train, a plane, but never a shed. My family has just put up a new shed in our backyard and it was our neighbor's grand idea to #bless it and sleep in it for a night. Now I was like, "Yeah, whatever. I'm just gonna leave in the middle of the night", but then I was like WAIT. This would be a great story to tell. So, here I am. 

Now this isn't any horror movie and no, our parents didn't punish any of us and make us do it. My neighbor friends, my sister, and I pledged to camp one night in the muggy summer to sleep on two queen air mattresses and using one hell of a bug net to keep us sane. 
Talking about summer experiences! We kept our selves preoccupied before bed by playing some classic Apples to Apples and had all the snacks you could have. My neighbor was like "Natalie, when do you ever get to sleep in a shed?", and I was like "Never". We did start to feel gross and sweaty--covered in bug spray, but we had some pretty good laughs in that shed. We were probably the most lit shed in all of my town. I wondered if there would be anyone else sleeping in a shed...for the same or different reason as us. 

Would I do it again? Not unless I had to. It was hot and being close to four bodies like that was a little claustrophobic. I would prefer a tent more for air flow, we did have an oscillating fan to keep us alive and a net Gorilla taped to the doorway because there was no way we would have lasted. It was one hell of a time. Would you sleep in a shed? Just for fun?


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