A Weekend in Wisconsin | A Perfect Fall Getaway

If I could wake up every day to the smell of crisp leaves and campfire I would. Maybe that's what heaven smells like. 

Well, this weekend I was in heaven. Every couple of years or so, my family rents a cabin up in northern Wisconsin to stay and get away from the business of the city. When we aren't camping in Peninsula State Park or in Petoskey, Michigan, we find that this is a nice escape in the middle of October. It's the perfect fall getaway. 
We were lucky with the timing of this trip because everyone in my family was able to go (except for Cooper, unfortunately, he had to stay home). I was able to catch an afternoon train, Emily was able to also catch an afternoon train, and Melissa was able to meet us there on Friday with my parents waiting for us with a cozy fire and all of the Wisconsin cheese curds we could have dreamed of. 

Fish Creek is one of those really quaint beach towns, kind of touristy, but it's on the edge of the Peninsula and a little farther north of Green Bay. It's got small farms, pumpkin patches, privately owned marinas, beer fests, boutiques you'd never really buy anything from but go in and look anyway, and cozy little coffee shops that overlook Sister Bay. However, what I love the most is just how vibrant the trees are this time of year up there. Chicago never gets the rich oranges and reds that scream "FALL IS HERE". We got really lucky with the weather, it was mid-50s and sunny pretty much every day. 

On the first full day, we explored the area around our cabin a bit and were happily reminiscing the memories we had made from visiting so long ago. We used to bring a lot of our close family friends with us and would have crazy memories of playing intense card games, swimming in the Lake, or getting lost in the forest. 

Where to go pumpkin picking...

We had originally planned to go pumpkin picking at one of our favorite pumpkin farms, Schartner's Farm Market, but they (sadly) didn't have the mules to carry us into the patches as it was a low season for them this year. However, we were still able to pick out some pumpkins from the previous batches and were just as pleased with the selection they had on the trailers. I would still highly recommend this farm during their high-season at the beginning of October. 

We walked around Main Street and visited all of our favorite candy shops and antique places. It began to get dark very early there, at around 6, and we were all really hungry and picked up some delicious pizzas at our favorite restaurant, Wild Tomato. I would suggest ordering takeout from them to avoid the long waits because it's a poppin' pizza joint! 

After waking up to a big fireside breakfast in our cabin, we had planned to start the morning off easy and headed off to go explore more of Peninsula State Park and hike around the scenic beach shore and Eagle Bluff area.

Where to go camping...

This was one of our other favorite camping spots because they had everything: a fishing pier, bike trails, kayak and paddleboard rentals, and a large outdoor amphitheater that we got to watch our favorite Northern Sky Theater performances at amongst the brushing pine trees and twinkling stars. Although we did not get to see a show this year, it was great to be back in a place that is filled with memories and has continued to be maintained for years.

My family loves how slow-paced it is up there—being able to just walk around and cruise our way around town as we pleased. Our afternoon consisted of a bit more shopping and dog petting. Fish Creek has some CUTE dogs. We also picked up some coffee at the Blue Horse Beach Cafe and watched the sailboats go by. We ended the night with dinner at the Cookery along the bay—I had one of the best cheeseburgers of my life. Who would have known Wisconsin does cheese and beef so well ;)
We didn't want to say our goodbyes to Door County. It was like it used to be: morning and night bonfires, waking up to bacon and eggs, going to the pumpkin patches and fall fests, stuffing our faces with Apple Cider Donuts, playing endless games of War, and having room and time to breathe in the clean and crisp northern air. All of us enjoyed our time together in one of the places we love the most. 

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