Why I Love Fall in Chicago | My October Goals

You can smell fall in the air! Chicago was remarkably cooler than it was in September and the trees are finally starting to turn. It has been a very busy month, but I have high hopes for October because this is my favorite time of the year. Fall girl clich├ęs and all. Everything just feels right: the leaves, the fake pumpkin-flavored everything, football, and all there is to love about fall. Fall in the city is just the best. 

September is one of those really busy months where everyone is assimilating a routine. October, on the other hand, is one of those really cozy months and I always find that I can actually find a groove—it still holds true. There's a lot of promise in October, but also a lot of really fun and exciting things going on for me. 
01. Tomorrow I'm actually going to see one of my all-time favorite bands since my freshman year of high school, Bastille, perform for the third time. I've gone to every one of their tour concerts for every new album they have released since 2015. I always think about artists that I've listened to throughout different stages of my life and Bastille has been the most prominent and influential to me. They've really adapted an alternative indie-pop sound that I've always vibed with and I don't think I'll ever stop listening. 

02. This month will be the start of my writing tutor journey! I've never been a tutor before, but when I was looking into on-campus jobs, this one seemed to align perfectly with what I love and do pretty much every day. It has been a lot, to be honest, I mean starting a new job and learning the mechanics has been a bit to take on at first, but I know I will develop a rhythm and a feel for it as I continue to practice more this month. So far I have completed all of my tutoring observations and will be leading a tutoring session this week, so we will see how it goes! 

03. The fam and I will be heading to Door County, Wisconsin later this month for a fall break outing. In the past, we used to camp up there in Peninsula State Park, but have just been so busy lately that we haven't been able to make a trip. It's the perfect fall weekend getaway. There's pumpkin picking, fall fests, cozy bonfires by the lake, kettle corn, drive-in movie theaters, and my favorite part is always the tunnel of deep reds and vibrant yellows of trees as you drive into town. Door County is the definition of the perfect fall. 
There is so much to love about this season and I'm sure many feel the same way. It's a new month and a new change that I am taking in with a cozy embrace and of course with a Netflix binge of Gilmore Girls. With all that is good, I've learned to also take this month to let some things go—just like the leaves. What is your favorite thing about fall? 

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