The Importance of Balance

Never did I think that balancing a pumpkin on my head would inspire a blog post, but here we are! I can't believe October is halfway through and the leaves have just begun to change. This past weekend, my best friend Ellie was in town for fall break and so were my two sisters—the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the beautiful fall weekend and go to a fall fest. While we weren't exactly pumpkin picking, we bought pumpkins and then persisted to place them on our heads. We are the real pumpkin-heads. 

Maybe it wasn't exactly balancing the pumpkins on our heads that inspired me to write, but hey, I gotta embrace it. It's been a hectic past couple of weeks.

I've been told that my junior and senior years of college are going to be the hardest. I mean, I was told that in high school and I was like "Are you kidding? I get to go home for lunch!". It doesn't seem like you get seniority in college because that's when you start to realize just how real your life is starting to get and how much time you don't have.

My normal days are filled with waking up, getting dressed, making sure I eat something, start my internship work, go tutor for an hour, go to class, eat, somehow exercise or attend a meeting, try to do homework, and then sleep (hopefully). My routine changes and fluxes based on what week it is, and it's a good routine, but a busy one.

Usually, when I'm feeling the weight of my days, I try to confide in a friend (typically Ellie) and we facetime the night away watching Bob's Burgers or literally just playing the new Mario Kart app while we facetime. It's the perfect way to check back in and reset.

Everything we do is based on time and lately, I've been trying to cut back on saying yes and giving myself a break. I need time to go to a pumpkin patch, watch Shane Dawson's Jeffree series, drink some apple cider, or go to the Dollar Tree because why the hell not.

I know that the work I need to do will get done because that's just the person I am. I'm always one step ahead, but recently its proved less than helpful. When I try to get too far ahead, I end up caring more about getting it done than actually actively participating in the work that's being done.
That's why I know balance is key—in all things life. If you're also feeling like the calendar pages are turning and you just can't seem to find time to pause and reflect on what's happening around you, you'll miss all of the great opportunities to grow and literally live a more fulfilling life because of it. Sure you have to get an assignment due by Monday, but it can wait because you have a life besides your work. 

I stress about little things all the time: is the laundry done, do I need to email that one person back, did I go to the bank, am I going to have enough time to eat today, and on and on. Reminding myself that I need to release the gas pedal every now and then really helps when I enter that mindset of worrying about every single thing that needs to be done. Committing to one task at a time is the best way to go about it—and being present while doing it. 

I'm not an expert on balancing all things life, but I sure do balance a good pumpkin. 

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