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It's been a while since I've done a roundup of all of my favorite skincare products, and this time of year is usually when my skin thrives before it gets insanely cold—that said, I have compiled all of the products I've been using since August and will continue to use and enjoy this month. I'm pretty lax on the amount skincare items I use, but I like to switch off with them ever-so-often to see what works and what doesn't. 
I gotta say, the Clinique Moisture Surge is my favorite light-weight moisturizer to use at the moment. I think I recieved this as a gift and instantly fell in love. I have normal-oily skin, so this being a gel-cream doesn't over hydrate my skin or leave it feeling dewy the next morning. It doesn't leave a thick layer of residue and really refreshes my skin and neck. I like to apply this at night, usually after I shower for the ultimate hydration and revitilization of my skin. 
On days when I feel like I can ration my Clinique moitsurizer, I have been using the √Čvolu√© Day and Night Cream which does the trick! I also use a pea-size amount of this cream and apply it all over my face and neck in the morning and night. I find that moisturizing regularly really helps prevent more breakouts from occuring and evens out my oilyness. 

For clearing my face, I have always continued using the Simple Micellar Cleansing Water as it never fails to rid my skin of impurities and dirt. I use a little bit on a cotton pad every morning and am amazed at how much it can actually pick up. It's my tried and true—definitely recommend as an alternative to gel cleansers. 
Recently I've been dealing with really dry and heavy looking undereyes, so I've been reaching for the Nourish Organic Renewing & Hydrating Eye Treatment that gives me instant relief and brightening. Staring at a computer pretty much all day really strains my eyes, so I make sure to treat them well and pat this cream on with my ring finger. 

I have to add one more moisturizer to the list because I can't decide which ones I love the most, clearly, so the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ is another tried and true facial cream that I use when I'm really feeling like my skin needs extra love. It absorbs so quickly and is one of those winter moisturizers that you need to apply almost everyday to prevent frostbitten dryness. 
For when I'm feeling a pamper night and need an extra skin boost, I've been using the Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask to deeply clean and renew my acne-prone skin. Every now and then I get terrible, deep breakouts (like the ones that hurt) along the side of my hairline and t-zone. 

Most charcoal masks I've used from the drugstore counteract with my skin and leave it feeling either red and irritated or with more surprise breakouts the next day. This really flushes out all of the gunk that my face (sorry it's gross) accumulates throughout the day and my pores feel so refreshed and clean. These are truly the only products I've been using on my skin lately, and with the assortment of different lotions, my routine stays pretty constant. Remember—less is more! What's in your skincare regimen?   

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