Autumn Candle Roundup

These chillier nights are calling for cozy, candle lit, Netflix binging while snuggled up in a bunch of blankets. With that being said, my favorite time of the year to use and buy candles is here. I have collected a couple new candles to last this season and I literally want to eat them all (calm down Natalie). If you know me, then you know that I have an obsession with candles. It's getting better every year but, more and more stores are creating beautiful and deliciously smelling candles. Who doesn't love 'em as much as I do?
To start, a recent purchase from Bath and Body Works, is this Mahogany Teakwood candle. As my mom would describe it, "It smells like man," she says...as I cringe and slowly walk away. Honestly, it does give off a musky, Lumberjack type scent...and I'm not complaining! I would recommend this candle if you like the more fresh and woodsy smells. Also, Bath and Body has come out with these gorgeous marbled candles so, why wouldn't I buy it?!
I had to make an errand to Target about a week ago and I was strolling past all of the clearance sections, as you do, and spotted all of their candles for 50% off. I tried not to get carried away so, after smelling every single fall candle they have, I decided on the Autumn Harvest candle that smells pretty much...of all things autumn. It's crisp and really fresh smelling; it's pretty subtle in terms of how "sicky" or strong the smell is because sometimes fall candles do have a very potent smell. 

Received as a gift from my aunt was this Yankee Candle Autumn Pumpkin candle. It is very sweet and really gives off that desired pumpkin scent. One of my yummier candles, in my opinion. It smells like my mom just made homemade pumpkin pie. 
Lastly, my friend Ellie bought this small Scentsational Pumpkin Spice, one wick candle for my birthday this year. It smells very sweet and spicy. Probably one of the best fall candles that I have ever owned. It's small, but mighty. 

What fall scent have you been obsessing over this month?

Xoxo, Nat


  1. I loooooooooove Autumn candles so much and this is making me really want to buy a new yankee candle lol xxx


  2. There's something about candle posts that draw me in!! I haven't even bought a single candle yet.Need to step up my game ahaha :)


    1. Haha I've been trying to hold back on the candle buying this year. This is a new record for me! Only 4 new candles :)