Body Shop Bonanza

Happy Thursday everyone! I was recently going through some of my body/skincare products that I have hoarded in a basket in my closet and came across all of these awesome Body Shop butters and gels. I love the Body Shop so much, but I've been trying so many other new things lately that I've been kind of distracted to be honest. It also takes me a lifetime to use up a single tub of body butter so I always hesitate before I open one because I know I'm gonna have to continue to use that same one for the next couple months before I can open and start a new one. 
These body butters are priced at a whopping $22 and are not inexpensive at all. However, smart Natalie figured out that TJ Maxx (or TK Maxx for my British folks), Marshalls, Nordstrom Rack, and Ross normally have these full sized body butters for about $6. Please do not go to the Body Shop or Ulta unless you are looking for a specific scent. I would highly recommend checking out those places for some really good deals on Body Shop products. 
My favorite scent out of all of the ones they offer is Mango. Mango scented stuff from the Body Shop smells so fruity, sweet, and fresh. I love fruit scented products and Mango has to be the best in my opinion. I have had miniature body butters of this and I walked into a TJ Maxx one day and totally scored. 

Everyone has their signature scent and I definitely think this one is mine from the Body Shop. I love using this after I shower as an all-over-body moisturizer. 
These next two I got as gifts and really love them, but just not as much as the Mango one. On the left, I have Papaya and the right I have the Fuji Green Tea body butter. The Papaya is a little bit sweet and is similar to Mango; it is just more fresh if that makes sense. The Mango is a lot more sweeter than the Papaya. 
These last items were gifted to me for Christmas from my friend Ellaby. This was a mini gift set called the Mango Treats Gift Set which was a small box and it included both this mini gel and lotion, plus a mini loofa. The loofa was so cute because the handle came out of the box like a little ornament! I was really excited to try out more of the different types of products the Body Shop has especially the shower gel (and because I needed a new one). What have been your guys' top scent or product at the Body Shop?

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