The New Best Drugstore Liquid Lipstick

So, basically, Wet'n'Wild is now my new absolute favorite drugstore brand of all time. I have no idea why or how their company keeps on getting better and better, but I am not complaining. Wet'n'Wild is pretty much known for its incredibly inexpensive beauty products that are amazingly great quality. They're coming out with new lines, collections, and formulas more better than ever. I drove probably a good five miles from my house to the next Walgreens across town to find these shades that I wanted to try out. Call it whatever you want, but venturing out was well worth it, even during a snowstorm might I add. The Wet'n'Wild Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipsticks are definitely a product I would repurchase over and over. 
I bought the shade Nudie Patootie and Rebel Rose. I'm not one to love liquid pretty much anything, so it was a first that I decided I loved these two liquid lipsticks. I didn't want any bold lip color because that's not what I'm really comfortable wearing, so I was also happy to find some nudes. They have oranges, reds, pinks, and darker, more sultry red and berry shades. Priced at only five bucks, I'd say this is definitely a great product to buy at the drugstore. Matte lipsticks are especially hard for me to find the right ones that I like because many become too dry and crumbly overtime. These matte liquid lipsticks are moisturizing without giving you that desert-like dryness and does not leave your lips cracked.

The packaging is very cute and simple which I appreciate because no one wants very weird, shaped products that you just can't figure out. The doe foot applicator is very easy to use and it is kind of shaped to fit your lips and is easy to apply on the outer corner of your lips. 
I was very happy with the formula of these lipsticks because they have great staying power and really do last a very long time. That's what everybody want's from a matte liquid lipstick, right? I really fell in love with the colors I chose. The more nude one is more brown toned and looks great paired with any eye look really. However, the shade that I loved more and thought was a bit more me was the pinker shade I bought. It's your classic blush nude and I really like the way it makes my lips look. 

For what it's worth, these aren't your praised, Kylie Jenner Lip Kits, but they might just be better. They're not 30 dollars and the formula, to me is probably similar or at least almost as good. I have never bought a Kylie Lip Kit, so obviously I'm not an expert, but I feel like these would be great dupes. They really do "glide on like butter" and mattify pretty quickly. These don't smell as great as the Kylie Lip Kits probably do, and that's just a minor thing I noticed when I first put them on. I'm glad that's all I noticed though because the formula, pigmentation, and staying power have really impressed me. 
I think I am getting more into matte things, because it's easier to maintain and put on for the most part. I just never liked it when matte lipsticks made my lips look dry and unappealing. We all want kissable lips and many lipsticks never really achieved that, besides these that are actually pretty moisturizing. I tried using a lip scrub and then lip balm before applying these just to make sure that my lips were smooth throughout the application and ensure that they aren't going to crumble, which really helped. 

I think these are great as everyday lipsticks or even party and evening lipsticks. They have a very wide range of shades that I'm sure anyone could love if they're looking for a new matte lipstick. Have you tried these yet?

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