What's in my Purse?

It's almost towards spring and I am incredibly excited for a major spring cleaning. I have already cleaned out my purse and that got me very psyched for more of the organizing and cleaning out that this new season brings. This will be a pretty short post, shorter than usual, but I thought it would be fun to share what I normally keep in my bag! I love reading these and finding out who puts what where and I always find new tips and tricks to keep my bag clean and easy to access my important goodz. 

This purse was a Christmas present I got this year and it is a Kate Spade crossbody, I have no idea what the name or type it is, and I have no available link. However, I'm sure if you just type in "black crossbody" across the interweb, you should probably come pretty close to finding it (let me know if you do!). I normally love to have a nice, quality wallet in my purse so everything is safe and secure. I think a friend gave this Louis Vuitton wallet to me, so again, I have no available source to find it or purchase it (sorry). I'm a huge believer in finding the perfect bag; one that will be with you forever and will practically last forever. Not only are these styles pretty classic and timeless, they're great quality purses (even if they were a bit more pricier). I also love hand-me-down bags because I feel like you can tell if they're really going to last if they look brand new after someone has used them.  

Some very valuable things I keep in here, besides my credentials and obviously money, are my Iphone 7, my car keys, a pair of my absolute favorite sunnies (these are from a cute boutique in Oklahoma), some Orbit chewing gum that I can't get enough of, bobby pins cuz ya know, a roller ball perfume, which I have also been loving recently. It's the Taylor Swift Wonderstruck rollerball perfume. It's very sweet and fruity. I also like to keep some Midol for cramps and other products like that, and I always make sure to have some type of stain remover. The Shout Remover Wipes are the bomb. You can use it wherever and whenever, give it to a friend, and just easily pack it for trips. Normally, I'll have some type of lip balm in my bag and I have been obsessed with the EOS Summer Fruit lip balm and have to resist from eating it (lol). 

What's in your bag?

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