Gloomy Dog Days and Taking a Break

It is almost nearing into spring, and many things are going to happen in the next couple of months. Since, I am a senior in high school, there are loads of events going on and things to plan for. The past couple of days have been very stressful. Let's be honest, not everyday is a bright, shining miracle that we all get to look forward to. I have my very gloomy days, too.

I don't want to go full in detail and just pour myself out there (even though that's the point of having a blog). A few days ago, my precious 12 year old golden retriever, Rigly, became very sick. He is pretty old and has been slowing down a lot; he was recently diagnosed with some type of liver disease that creates excess fluid near his spleen. He's pretty much inflating like a balloon at this point. It has disabled his appetite and he has a lot of trouble moving around due to arthritis in his hind legs. It got very bad really quickly and it was not a fun Saturday. 

To cut the vivid details out, he was very sick and held none of the food we had given him. We took him to the vet for the third time and they gave him an anti-nausea shot which helped him keep food down for a while. Due to financial things, paying for a $500 dollar surgery was not really in the question. Every now and then, we get a little glimpse at the old puppy we love when he occasionally wags his tail, but it doesn't (sadly) seem to be brightening up around here. We are determined to keep him as comfortable as we can, but from one dog (or even pet lover) to the next, you can imagine how painful this point might be. 

With that on my shoulders, I also have college decisions, graduation plans and invitations to make, extra curriculars, and a ton of school work to handle right now that really isn't all that I want to be doing. It's been emotional, for me, this past weekend and I hope you all understand that I kind of need a week to just chill and not have to worry about writing a half-assed post for this upcoming week. I'm gonna take it slow and hopefully i'll be back next week or the week after with some great things to share with all of you. I wish everybody a great week filled with sunshine and rainbows <3

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