The Best Firming and Poreless Face Serum

It's never too late to start with firming facial serums! To be quite honest, I'm not sure why I never thought about using serums. I was always intimidated by them because many that I have seen reviewed, were very pricey and were not for skin types like mine; oily, acne prone, dry, and sensitive. However, one of my good friends, who isn't into the makeup scene, gave me this serum to use and I am so happy she did! 

I was really interested to try this product out because I've never heard of this brand or product before. Granted, it is from Oprah's beauty box subscription so, I knew it was going to be good. This Balance Hydrating and Calming Serum made by Jean Seo is one of the most popular products sold on the site. The brand is called Evolue and has very eco friendly products. From what I researched online, the Lue products are targeted directly to acne prone skin types (win!). 
I was sort of oblivious to how you use serums and I just assumed that they're similar to moisturizers. You hardly need a lot to fully cover the face and I just drop some on my fingers and massage it outwards on my face, especially focusing on the upper part of my face like my cheekbones and around my cheek bone and trouble areas. 

This serum is supposed to not only hydrate dry skin, but create a flawless, poreless finish and I really love the way it smoothes out my skin and blurs my pores. For the most part, it does a very nice job covering up my pores and I can notice the difference when I put on makeup with and without using the serum. I like to use this morning and night time; my skin feels so fresh and bouncy after I apply a thin layer onto my face. It's very refreshing and makes my skin have a healthy glow without looking greasy.
I was very happy about trying this product out. My first impression was a great success and hopefully I can try out more of Jean Seo's products. If you're reading this Jean Seo, please hook me up! I'm always trying to find new products that can really make a difference on my teenager skin. I have found this to be very effective with controlling my breakouts and bringing back moisture to my face. 

This serum is not available in stores, to my knowledge, and it is a little bit more than you would pay for a drugstore serum, but you don't use a ton to get the job done! Plus, when it comes to skincare, it truly shouldn't matter all that much when you are treating your beautiful skin. Have you guys tried this out yet or any other products from Jean Seo's line? 

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