A Beauty Lover's Summer Gift Guide

I love doing gift guides and I feel like the summer isn't the most "gift giving" of a season unlike the winter holidays. So, I thought it would be fun to come up with some birthday ideas or even no-reason gift ideas to use in case the situation arises! 

A lot goes on during the summer and since there is no specific "theme" it can seem hard to find the perfect gift to give. Obviously, these are girly gifts, but I think these are great for pretty much every beauty lover. 
The Lush Fresh and Fancy gift set is one of the most amazingly smelling sets I have ever gotten from there. I love trying out new Lush goodies, so this is a great gift for all the beauty lovers. There are great summery scents consisting of lime, lemon, grapefruit, and eucalyptus. I really enjoy the Ocean Salt face and body scrub as well as the Outback Mate soap! 
You obviously need a card when gift giving, and I found these Papersource Flamingo cards a while back on clearance. I think they're perfect for just giving to people and writing lovely notes in. 

I also think this iridescent eyelash curler is everything. It might not seem like the perfect gift, but I just had to include it because I thought it looked so cute and it's any makeup lover's dream to have a rainbow eyelash curler. I found this one at Walgreens and I think no one should spend more than five bucks on one ever
Also, for makeup lovers, I was at my local dollar store and was surprised to find these awesome false lashes for a buck. I have always used Kiss nail products and was so impressed by how easy and pretty these lashes look on. 
I also believe in handmade or homemade gifts. My best friend Madeleine made me many essential oil products to use when I'm stressed or need help getting to sleep. She also made me a coconut butter and mango body lotion that I use every single night before I go to bed. I am all about organic products and using remedies instead of splurging on products! Plus, they make the meaning behind the gift so much more special. 
Any written sentiment always makes me smile. My other best friend Mikayla got me this cute frame from hallmark for my graduation and I couldn't agree more with it. It looks so cute on my shelf and I will definitely bring it to college to let everyone know how much I love yoga! 

I also love buying people perfume and rollers. I got this Victoria's Secret roller recently on sale for like $6 and love how summery and fresh it smells. You only need a small amount on your wrists and under your neck to get the sweet smell across. Perfect for summer parties and going out. 
I love gift giving in general, but there's something about it during the summer that I seem to love. How you can personalize a gift and it doesn't have to do with a holiday or anything. What is your favorite thing about gift giving? 


  1. I'm not a sucker for buying tools just because they look pretty. But a holographic eye lash curler 'cmon. I want this!