Summer Nail Picks

It's only starting to get extremely warm, like 90 degrees, here in Chicago and it's only June! I swear, Chicago has probably one of the weirdest climates ever. With that said, the flip flops, gladiators, and of course Birkenstocks must come out. Cute tootsies are basically a necessity in this case and I have some of my favorites colors to share.

When it comes to painting my nails, especially in the summer, I normally only paint my toes and forget my actual nails. One reason being that I'm doing so many things outside: painting our entire garage, camping, and just being outside can sometimes discourage me from even applying anything to my nails. However, I have noticed that toe nail polish loves to just hang out on my toes forever. 
Essie Tassel Shaker- Even though this was considered a New Years color, I still love the way it looks over white nail polish during the summer. It adds some class to any outfit or look. I don't normally like top coats, but this one is very easy to remove and I love how it's specks and not just glitter. The mix of silver, gold, and rose gold make it one of my favorite polishes. 

Deborah Lippmann Baby Love- I don't always enjoy sheer nail polishes, but this one I got from the Sephora Favorites Pretty in Pink box was so cute and great to use for diy French manicures and to add a bit of sophistication to your toes or finger nails. 

Revlon Parfumerie in Surf Spray- It was actually funny how I found this polish. I was at my local dollar store and found a ton of Revlon makeup. I thought this was not only a really pretty shade, but it is scented! I've seen these go for like eight dollars normally and I was surprised to seem them for just one. The smell, while rather revolting when you put it on wet, actually doesn't smell that bad after it dries. To be honest, it does take more than two coats, but I just love the perfect sea blue on my toes that I just can't get rid of it. 

Revlon Perfect Pair-This has been one of my absolute favorite nude polishes I have ever tried. It's basically a one coater, has a square applicator brush, and dries instantly. Now that's a nail polish alright. It just looks great on everyone's nails. 

Sally Hansen Insta Dry Expresso-The image on the link is deceiving because it looks like it has glitter in it, but as you can see in my pictures, it doesn't. There are no sparkles or shimmer in this nail polish, but it is still a very pretty mocha-pink. I think it's the perfect pink for the warm months.

Essie Tuck it in my Tux- This is another great sheer nude that I wanted to include as an alternative to the Deborah Lippmann one. It is a little more opaque and is beautiful on the toes and contrasts with a fresh, summer tan. 

I have a lot more polishes were that came from, but I thought these were perfect for this season and I'm sure I'll be discovering more in the future. What's your summer shade?


  1. I love the look of the Sally Hansen one!

    xo, Liz

  2. I'm always looking for the perfect colour under a french mani! Never tried Deborah Lippmann either!
    Kathy x


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