High School, Now What?

Now that it is officially the end to my high school journey, I am off on my way to college! I am so unbelievably shocked at how fast it all went by and all of the great memories I have had with all of my closest friends and I am so beyond excited to start a new journey at DePaul University in the fall. 

I don't think I have talked in extent to what I have experienced in high school, but I hope I can help light the way for future seniors and even incoming freshmen. It goes by so fast. Please embrace all of the moments: the football games, the pep rallies, dances, teachers, your peers, and all of the fails or aces you make because it'll all go by like a blink in the eye. I know that when I joined color guard or flags with my marching band that I would forever have an amazing group of friends to be with. Going to Disney World with them was probably one of the best memories I have had from high school. 

Thanks to all of the people that helped me along to my graduation and who really made my high school experience a great one. It wasn't about popularity or anything cliche, it was just a roller coaster of new experiences--ones that I will cherish and learn from. I mean, high school is when I started my blog and doing yoga, so I would say it was a success. I never thought I would be on this growing blog today and I am beyond grateful for everyone who has endlessly supported me. 

As for this blog, I truly hope to continue writing on it through college and beyond. I want to share my college journey (and especially my dorm room) for the next four years. I am so psyched to be living in my beautiful city and I will be studying communications with a focus in public relations and marketing. Really, not a shocker. 

I am currently enjoying my long summer break until I have orientation and move in day later in August. Tomorrow I actually leave for a week long camping trip, the one I blogged about here last year, and will still have posts up next week! I am not sure if I want to post another camping post for the sake of not bringing my camera to camp, but I know I will for sure have some pictures up on Instagram

I don't know where college will take me, but I know I will always have my family and friends along with me supporting me every step of the way (so cheesy). And you guys! I just thought I would share my future plans, so feel free to share yours! Any new college freshmen out there feeling nervous as ever like me?!

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