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Victoria's Secret Perfume Haul

So, Victoria's Secret was having their semi-annual sale and I totally didn't buy four perfumes?? Well, actually my sister and I did, but I just love all of them so much and am so proud of how cheap I bought them for. This very nice and amiable salesperson handed my older sister and I two coupons if you buy a beauty item, any beauty item, you get a free roller ball perfume. 

We thought it was a great deal and so, we decided to each just get a body mist and pick out a roller ball on their little beauty kiosk by the cash registers. I'm never one to buy tons of perfume, but it was such a great deal that we both couldn't resist. Victoria's Secret does have some pretty amazingly smelling perfumes and I knew they all wouldn't be there the next day. Since each fragrance spray were marked down to $6 we only paid that amount and got a free roller ball each which was awesome.
My sister loves the Tease scent because it is so floral and seductive with the lace. I'm personally not drawn to these types of scents, but she loves how strong and powerful it is on. She got both the roller ball and the mist. 

For my mist, I got Heavenly, because it has Vanilla and White Peony which is my favorite scent. It is light and fresh and isn't overpowering. It's perfect for this time of year. Then the roller ball was Very Sexy Now. I think it might be discontinued and a limited edition one, but I found it on Amazon for you guys. It's extremely fruity and fresh and probably my favorite of them all. It is fun and summery and isn't just a "teenager" scent. I am obsessed! What's been your summer scent?


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