Some Fun Summer Moments | June

Hello all! I thought I would take today to reflect on a few things that I have recently been doing over the past month after my high school graduation and update you all on the haps! I can't believe it's already mid way into June and the summer seems like it has only just begun. I feel like I haven't had one of these types of posts on here in a while, so I hope you enjoy. 
Over Memorial Day weekend, my great family friends and I travelled about an hour to Indiana to go explore and go to the beach. We had incredibly nice weather during our weekend getaway and I was so thankful for how sunny it was. We stopped at this little farm that had only one cow and a goat. It also had a chicken coop with about twenty chickens. We hiked around the state park and ended up in mud piles and going on a rather regretful route, but had so much fun.
Pictured left is my best friend Alyssa and her younger sister Emily. They're also my back door neighbors. I've been on so many trips with them and it was so nice to just go somewhere for a couple days and discover a new terrain that we've never set foot on! 

That following Friday, Alyssa, my sisters, and I went to North Avenue beach in Chicago. I've only been to Oak street beach and have realized that this beach is where all the noisy teens go. It was very entertaining. Not only did we see a 16 year old get pushed into the lake, but we also got to see her chug a whole bottle of vodka and lake water in one go. Now that, my friends, is a show. We left shortly after we got over the fact that it happened. 
 It was also National Donut Day so we brought this inflatable inter tube that wasn't actually allowed in the lake due to safety and stuff. So, we really just wanted it for cute photos. Can't blame the things you have to do to get a cute insta snap! 
 The following Sunday, my other best friend, Mikayla and I decided to sign up last minute to run the Color Run downtown Chicago. I was in the city so much! 
You can wear as much color as you want, but be careful because the chalk they throw at you literally gets everywhere
 This is my second time running it and my second time running a 5k. Last time we both got lost in the crowd and I kind of had to "re-run" it because we wanted to finish together regardless of time. 
I'm hoping that next year I can participate in the Blacklight Run or Bubble Run, too! We both had a blast this year and I would recommend it for everyone. You can run or walk and you also get to be on the streets of Chicago around Grant Park which is so cool. 
Each year they have a theme and this year's was based on Dreams and Unicorns. Last year was a Tropical theme and I am excited to see what it'll be next year! 
Later, I had my graduation party with all of my close friends and shared it with my older sister who also graduated from college this year. Pictured are my best friends Madeleine and Mikayla trying to keep me up. We had beautiful weather and I had a really nice time with all of my closest friends. I loved only having a small group of people in high school that I could spend time with because I think it's more special than knowing everyone in your grade.

Thank you for everyone who came and enjoyed celebrating this achievement of mine and you can bet that I am just starting my ever-so-more exciting college journey at DePaul this September. 

This is not my dog and I wish it was. I just had to add this in because this little guy was the dog of my dreams. Obviously, my old dog Rigy is, but after his passing, it has been so hard for my family and I. So, when my neighbors told me they were dog sitting this little fluff nugget, Harrington, I knew I needed to go meet him.
This post would be longer if I didn't go rock climbing and bust the muscles in my forearms and fingers. Alyssa and I wanted to do something we've never really done before and something that would substitute as our daily workout.

I have so much more respect for avid rock climbers because it takes all of your upper body strength and muscles to force a human body up a body of rocks. We've soon realized how strenuous this activity really is. We loved every minute of finding new rock pathways and reaching the top of the wall. It was rewarding and very liberating to accomplish something like that...even if Alyssa didn't have a bell to ring. 
I'm just waiting for many more adventures like these to come and I am so excited for the rest of this summer before I start college. I have so much to think about and do, but I really just want to embrace it all for what it's worth. I have been so grateful for all of the opportunities that I have been given and I am just getting started with my journey. What is something exciting that's happened to you lately?


  1. Looks like you've had a fun month! I love the donut floatie - it's so cute!

    xo, Liz

    1. Haha I know! It was a bummer that we weren't able to actually use it! X