A Speaker for Groovy Evenings

I knew I wanted some type of bluetooth speaker for college because taking my alarm clock stereo was not an option. Also, how else was I going to get my work done on the quad with an easy way to play some study tunes? I was browsing Amazon and sites for inexpensive speakers and found this Philips Everplay Bluetooth Speaker at Target for less than forty bucks. 
What I love about it is how portable and convenient it is to travel with and how great it sounds. I have to admit, it's a bit hard to connect back and forth between my phone and laptop just because I'm not used to using bluetooth yet. However, all things aside, this bad boy echoes and can get very loud. It's weather proof, so if it rains and gets wet, it should be perfectly fine. 

I was amazed by this speaker because the handle is the charging cable for it. You simply disconnect the cord from the handle and plug it into any USB port or Apple charger. Within minutes, it's fully charged. 
Instead of spending over a hundred dollars on a bluetooth speaker, I would really recommend this one to anyone looking for a really great quality one that you can travel with anywhere and won't have to worry about if it gets lost or even stolen. So far, it has been great to use at parties and get togethers with my friends! I think any music lover would appreciate its convenience and sound. How do you normally listen to your favorite tunes?

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