Welcome Home Cooper!

This past weekend was probably one of the most eventful and joy filled weekends I have had in a long time. Amidst the stress and anxiousness from moving into my dorm and adjusting to college life, my family was expecting a new furry friend--Cooper! It was nice because I got to come home for the week right after I moved in. 
The first day we got him was very stressful for him because he got shots and was welcomed into a new place. That night it was hard to crate him and he just cried, so my parents caved in and let him sleep on their bed (jealous). The second night was good and he did sleep in his crate.

It's been a very fun weekend and I am so grateful and excited to introduce Cooper into our lives. I have already made some college friends because of him ;) He's so precious and has already peed on our floor three times, so I guess we have to keep him! 
I am so happy to have him here and I am also sad because I am away at college, but can go visit him anytime I want to. My whole family is excited to have him and it is just the beginning of many fun-filled adventures. 

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