Korean Snail Masks? Yes!

It's not often that I get to try out asian beauty and I am always willing to try new and foreign products. My sisters best friend was in South Korea for a couple months and was very kind to bring back some goodies. I have heard about snail masks around the internet and beauty world, but never thought they would be any good--heck I thought it was kind of gross. When my sister's friend brought them home I was super excited to try these out. 

I researched these Nature Republic masks and they actually do contain snail "goo". It is to help firm and brighten skin, which I am all about. Not only did it get five stars, it is currently sold out on the US store's website. 
My roommates and I had a lot of fun trying these out and the mask is a sheet mask that comes in two parts: the eye mask and the mouth mask. It is extremely slippery and kind of hard to get off the wrapper, but it pretty soothing and moisturizing. There is no distinct "snail goo smell". It is pretty fresh and left my face smooth the next day. I am usually skeptical with masks because of my sensitive skin, but this one did no harm. 

I am always up for trying new skincare products and I will definitely like to try out more Korean beauty products. Shout out to my sister's best friend for these cool masks! I would really recommend them for fun, girly nights in or just a chill evening after class. What type of facial mask do you want to try? 

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