My First Month of College

Today marks my first month of college and boy oh boy has it been a long and crazy ride. I think I had higher expectations for the first month of college, but it has honestly been one of the best months of my life. In all fairness, it has been tough sleeping with two other roommates, but on the bright side, they're awesome people and I am actually happy with how my rooming situation turned out. I mean at least we have air conditioning for our 90 degree heat stroke in the beginning of fall. 

I was put into a dorm with two other girls and a shared bathroom with another two girls and it has truly been so much fun. Not only has it taught me more about sharing space and being considerate of other peoples' lifestyles and cleaning habits, but it has also opened me up to meeting new people and new friends. 
I've met so many great people and am blessed to have created new friendships off the bat, while also getting to explore my lovely city. In comparison to high school, it has been way more easier opening up to people because we're all in the same boat and are looking for genuine friends and relationships at this point in our lives. 

As for college itself and my academics, I have already written two papers and completed my first digital camera assignment which I think went pretty well. I am in a photography class, a writing class, an orientation class for freshmen, and my intro to mass communication class, which is an introductory course to my major, public relations. I have no idea exactly what I want to do with my major or what it has in store, but I do know I want to get very involved in the college of communication and take part in newspaper or my school's online magazine. 
I am still getting used to being at college and on my own, but knowing I'm not far from home makes me very comfortable there because I am just one or two train rides away. That's one of the main reasons I chose to be in the city. I am getting very comfortable with public transportation and finding my way around that I actually prefer it over driving myself places. It's also allowing me to explore more because at my school, public transportation via bus or train is free for all students. 

I've already been to a Cubs baseball game and to a Nick Jonas concert for my school's welcome week, which were probably some highlights of this month. The city will never bore me and my classes incorporate a lot from the culture and surroundings of Chicago. I am pretty much immersed and will be well knowledgable of it when I graduate. 

I know I will accomplish some great things at my school and am so excited to see what will come next. I know it's just the first month, but there's still a lot more experiences to come that I just cannot wait for. It will fly by in an instant and hopefully I will enjoy every minute of it.