My First College OOTD | Black & White

I normally don't follow the "no white after Labor Day" rule, so I have recently purchased a couple pieces that I love wearing around campus. It has surprisingly been cooler and fall-like here in Chicago, but I am hoping that it will warm up soon so I can wear some more of my summer clothes. It's a bummer when you bring all of your summer clothes and it ends up being 60 degrees on the first week of school. 

The first item I got was about a month ago when I was shopping at American Eagle. They're these really cool and retro round shades. They have an awesome industrial detailing on the sides, which I love. I never thought I could pull them off, but I think they really flatter my face shape. 
I actually bought this dress from Dry Goods and it was my first time going there. I was browsing and they had a lot of really cute tops and dresses. I found their sale racks and this really cute dress was on it for only twelve bucks. I tried it on and loved it. My favorite part is the little gold detailing on the ties. 
For my birthday this past month, I really wanted a new pair of Adidas sneakers and I really wasn't sure which type I wanted. I knew people had these and my sister has them, but the Adidas Superstar sneakers are probably the most comfortable shoes I have owned because I have wide feet and they really support my arches. I was skeptical getting white, but since my school is in the city, I barely get them muddy or scuffed really. What has been you go-to, school outfit? 

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