5 Questions I Have For College Upperclassmen

I have been in college for only two months and it's been great: I'm meeting new people, getting comfortable with my classes, I don't feel sad being away from home, and I'm taking opportunities as they come. However, there are still many things that I have yet to find out about college and the whole experience. I am still a very confused freshman and still haven't found my "niche".

I know that many freshmen might feel the same way and that I am kind of worrying too much about things, but I do have some questions:

Is it normal to feel like you should be involved in something right away?
The only thing that has really been going on at my school is greek life. Both of my roommates are in sororities and that's something that I have never really been interested in: it's expensive, too much commitment, and isn't a way I like to do service. I get that it is a great way to socialize and meet people, but it's not what I want to do at all. I want to join clubs like newspaper and maybe some fitness clubs, but I feel like I should already be in them. 

I am also doing my best to stay in the loop of events and activities, but since I go to a private school, we don't have football or big fall activities like most state schools do. I am finding it harder to get involved.

How long does it take to actually find your "niche"?
I have already met some really cool people who I call friends already, but I still feel like I should be finding "groups." The thing that I love about college is that, unlike high school, there are no "cliques." I've seen all of these people go to dinner in our dining hall together and, while it might sound sad, I still don't really have a "group" to go out and eat with. This might just be my introverted personality talking. Although, I know in high school I had different groups of friends by sophomore year. Does it just take time?

Is it okay to go home on the weekends for a while?
I chose this college because it is 30 minutes away from home on a good traffic day. I did not like the idea of living farther than an hour away. As of right now, the weekends haven't been my favorite compared to the weekdays. I have only spent a couple weekends at school and my weekends are long. I have a four day weekend and a lot can happen in four days. For someone who doesn't really like to party, it can be hard finding things to do. I never really realized how much free time you actually have in college and it is dangerous. I already know that a lot of money can be spent in just four days. 

I don't have a job at the moment, but I have been picking up babysitting jobs here and there every weekend or so and it has really helped. I know it may sound silly, but is it bad to go home very often on the weekends? I have friends back home, my puppy is back home, and I feel like I can be a lot more productive when I am not surrounded by five roommates sometimes. I just feel guilty or a bit pathetic for wanting to go home every weekend. 

Does living with roommates get any better?
The situation I was given when I finally chose my school was so late that I had to go random with my roommates, which was fine because I didn't really care and it is what it is. I have really good roommates. We get along well and we mesh, even with our different personalities, we make it work and I am comfortable with both of them. Yes, I have two roommates. 

I was just wondering if it gets easier after the first year because I know that living alone isn't really something I plan on doing, plus it's financially practical, too. 

Is it too early to think about jobs after college? 
At the back of my mind, job searching and creating a resume has been something that I am kind of worrying about. I know I really haven't gotten into my major, public relations, but I have no idea what type of job I want out of college. I know that I for sure want a job as soon as I graduate, though. I want my job to have something to do with brands and creating content, but it's still very unclear as to what I really want to do. 

I know I usually offer some insight into things, but this time it's the opposite. I really have a lot of questions for upperclassmen or people who have graduated college, in general. All advice helps so much! I'm just a little 'ol freshman figuring things out. 

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