A Family Fall Outing

It's beginning to finally feel like fall around the city and that means pumpkin season has arrived. My family and I went out pumpkin picking and the first patch we went to was actually closed due to crop failure and we went on an adventure to find the right patch. Once we finally googled the right one that had pumpkins, it was the perfect pick! It has been a family tradition to go and pick out pumpkins, so this time was really fun taking Cooper along with us. 
It was really cute because Cooper got into all of the burrs and they kept sticking to his skin, so we had to pick him up and put him in our wagon. This specific pumpkin patch was a score. It was "pick your own" pumpkins and each pumpkin any size was only $6! My mom had a blast picking out pumpkins, let me tell yuh. 
When we go pumpkin picking, that's when I know it's fall and I can finally start getting in the mood and wear sweaters. Fall is my favorite season and I love it when the air is crisp and the trees start turning. My really soft sweater is from Zara and I am obsessed with it. I love the mustard color and its cropped, so it looks really good with high waisted jeans. I paired it with a vest that I bought from Kohl's a while back. 
I always love going on family outings and adventures. I can't wait to carve my pumpkin, so please leave some carving suggestions in the comments! My roommates and I are already psyched for Halloween and already decorated our entire dorm. What do you love about fall?

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