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Round Shades and Appliqués

A regular trend I have been noticing throughout the fashion industry is lots and lots of patches on clothing, specifically florals. I have been attracted to the simple look of having just a basic tee with some really detailed embroidering.  

I feel like my style is changing, and it constantly does. The more I have noticed in my wardrobe are basic tops with floral patches and stitching,  more vibrant pieces, and very relaxed fit clothing. I have always enjoyed clothes that are just a little bit bigger on me: the boyfriend fit to be exact.

 I have the freedom to move around and tuck my tops in without uncomfortably tight sleeves and necklines. I recently bought this rose applique tee from H&M. H&M and many other higher street retailers are getting on top of the current trends. 

I have also been shamelessly obsessed with my John Lennon sunnies. For my face, in particular, these shades flatter round faces so much, if you can believe it. They're simple and edgy—I'm all about it. 

I just paired these two with classic ripped black jeans and my brown leather Chelsea boots. My fall look this year isn't as berry lip or scarf filled as I had hoped because the weather is still 70 degrees. I think winter will let me get more into my fall wardrobe. It's been a struggle transitioning with my closet this year because the weather has been so unpredictable. Does anyone feel the same way? 

Photo Credit: Lex Namy


  1. I love round shades, I need to get some... but then it is winter now so probably will have to wait!

    Jaynie Shannon*


    1. That's so relatable because Chicago weather in the winter is never great. Sometimes it's sunny even when you don't have sunglasses! Ugh the struggle X


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