Guiltless Mac Purchases

It's honestly been so long since the last time I bought new makeup that wasn't something I had already owned before. I've just been so content with the makeup I have and use constantly that I feel like I have no need (or money cause your college girl is broke) to go out and just buy new stuff yet. I have been tempted by the new Fenty range and the new palettes that are coming out, but I love what I already have. 

With that said, I have made some guilty Mac purchases when I was in Nordstrom Rack because they were at a considerably low price for what they are normally retailed for. I think these two products are the most recent purchases I have made and I am totally okay with it! 
This first product I chose was a stretch from my normal makeup that I use. And to be honest, it was kind of an accident because I don't usually like cream based anything that's supposed to be a powder. However, the Mac Casual Lips and Cheek Color in Keep It Loose is probably my new favorite blush. It's a subtle peachy pink and is perfect for this time of year when the air begins to get crisp. The creaminess doesn't bother me that much because it blends really nicely and doesn't cake on like many cream-based blushes and cheek colors sometimes do. 
My next purchase was a new eyeliner pen because I have loved the sleekness of them and their longevity. With pencil liners, I feel like I always touch my eye makeup and fixing it, but this one stays in place and is so easy to use. The Mac Penultimate Liner is a thin and very opaque pen that is easy for all eyeliner beginners. 
Blush has been something that I haven't really gone deep into because I have loved the way bronzers golden up my face more than blush brings out the redness, but this one doesn't and just adds a soft pigment to my cheeks. I have had a lot of luck lately with Mac and would recommend looking at your local Norstrom Rack for some really good deals on their products now.

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