The Best Deodorant for Sensitive Skin

I never thought I would be writing about deodorant on my blog, but I think that over the past four years, I have gone through many and have officially found the one that works for me. I have very sensitive skin, so it's hard to find the right skincare products that won't react badly. I have used multiple different deodorants throughout my lifetime and while many seemed to be "keeping me fresh and stink free for 8 hours", many actually weren't and many actually broke me out and caused the undesirable red bumps. 

I was doing a lot of research on different options of deodorants and natural types that might help, but some natural deodorants that I tried, while they didn't break me out, still made me stink after a couple hours. I found out that the main ingredient in most drugstore deodorants is aluminum and that's what was breaking my underarms out. 

My best friend actually was using the Tom's of Maine toothpaste and introduced me to the brand. None of the products have harsh chemicals or fragrances and aluminum in their deodorants. I have one of the Long Lasting deodorants in Woodspice, which is a bit muskier and I think is for men and women until they created one specifically for women that's an antiperspirant in fresh meadow.

I love both of the fresh scents and the long lasting deodorant is more of a solid gel and the antiperspirant is a solid powder. Both don't leave any residue under my arms and they really do last for a very long time, maybe not 24 hours (or at least I haven't tested it). I thought this might be helpful for anyone looking for a better option for sensitive underarms. I know no one wants to spend an absurd amount of money on it. What deodorant do you use that actually works? 

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