10 Things I am Thankful For

It's the holiday season and everyone is getting ready to go home, eat some pumpkin pie, and get all cozy by the fire because I know and am and will. This time of year brings joys and while it may get a bit hectic and crazy with travel, shopping, and making sure the holidays turn out the way you want them to be, we can sometimes forget about the most important things to be grateful for. 

I thought this would be a perfect post to write about because I have fallen behind on remembering the things that do actually matter. Sometimes my vision is blurred by small things that won't effect my future self and so I thought that a list would help me realize that. 

01. My Friends and Family
Okay, I know this might be a cliched thing to be thankful for, but who isn't? I know that sometimes our family can get on our bad sides and we pull some strings every now and then, but I am truly grateful for everyone who has supported me and helped me with my transition into college. It has been tough at times, but I always know that I can count on them when I need them. Even the people I have met at college, I am so glad that I have gotten to know some really great people here. 

02. The Opportunities I've Been Given
Sometimes I look over the opportunities that I am faced with and don't really think twice about how amazing it is to be where I am and achieving the things I want to achieve. I tend to overlook the things that I am given and know that little or big obstacles will be surpassed. 

03. Public Transportation 
A funnier thing to be thankful for, but man am I so reliant on public transportation in Chicago. I've taken the bus throughout high school, but now I rely on trains to get me to and from places so much. I just thought I would write about this because not only does it help the environment, but I think a lot of people don't appreciate how efficient and convenient it is. 

04. Exercise
I am so glad that I can be motivated and keep my motivation to get my body moving. I think what really gets me through my anxiety and stress is simply doing things that distract me like working out. It has been a very positive way of mental and physical therapy for me and I am so thankful that I get to join fitness clubs and gyms. Not many people are available to these awesome facilities. 

05. My New Pupper
Cooper, my new puppy Golden Retriever, recently joined our family after my old dog passed away. It was hard going through the loss of a furry friend, but having a little energetic fuzz ball around has really helped my family and I cope and get back into our normal routine. He has brought a different light to my home and I'm happy that he's with us (not chewing up all my shoes, though haha). 

06. My Ambitious Drive
I have no explanation for how I have been able to post twice a week in the past four years and my only thought is that I am just simply ambitious. I've set goals for myself, with many other things in my life, and I want to continue to strive for them. I am grateful for my sense of drive and persistence when it comes to keeping my morals and goals in the forefront whenever I do things. 

07. This Blog
I never thought that this blog would have ever been a thing if I wasn't bored that one summer afternoon four years ago. I am so thankful for everyone who has supported me and has continued to read and enjoy my posts. It means so much to me and I have blossomed into a very great and insightful writer and reader because of it. 

08. My Compassion
I don't know if being thankful for certain personality traits is a thing, but I'm just going to include it anyway. I know that out of all the bad things that might have happened this year, my compassion towards others has not stopped. I was recently complimented for it and my "good heartedness." Sometimes when you face problems with kindness and compassion, good things are bound to happen. 

09. New Days
When I know that I will wakeup every morning, healthy and alive (most days), I can pretty much make the most of the day and go ahead knowing that there will always be new days. Instead of dwelling on the past, I tend to think more about the present and what I can do to overcome issues and struggles that I might face. There's nothing more reassuring than knowing that tomorrow is a brand new day to tackle. 

10. Writing
I have a lot of gratitude knowing that my writing and other's writing can be a way for me to express myself and enlighten me. Over the years, writing has been my passion and has also connected me with so many people. It's something that I will always cherish from years on. 

This is only a list of ten things I am grateful for, yet there are so many other things I have in mind. It could go on and on and on. It's important to have gratitude lists so that we don't forget about the most important things in our lives. I hope everyone has a very nice holiday season and I will be back next week (since Thanksgiving is on Thursday) with more! What's on your gratitude list this Thanksgiving? 


  1. exercise has been a total life saver for me too - not only does it always make me feel a million times better physically, it stops me stressing as much too!

    do love a good grateful post - its so lovely seeing what good things are going on for other people! ♥♥

    gorgeous post lady! and hell yeah being a good-hearted person is a cracking thing to be grateful for - shout that shit from the rooftop, the world needs more of ya!

    katie. xx lacoconoire.com ♥

    1. Haha I'm so glad you enjoyed it <3 I do think we need more gratitude type posts, living in this material based world. I am proud of my good-heartedness and appreciate yours, too! Thanks for the sweet comment XX


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