The Perfect Autumn Lip

There's a lot more to the "perfect autumn outfit" than one may think. While the cosiness of wearing no makeup, sweats, and just cuddling up in our blankets all day may seem like the most amazing thing ever on these cold and crisp days, it might not be the most practical when it comes to making plans with friends or even trying to make it out of your warm bed. When I feel like I need to be a little more "presentable" shall we say, I like to add a bit more color to my ever-so-pale and tired face. Let's be honest, we're all pretty tired this time of year, adding a pop of pigment will do the right trick! 
I have really been trying to venture outside of my comfort zone more this fall and I have really missed wearing vibrant lipstick. I used to sophomore year of high school a ton, and I don't know why I stopped because everyone liked it on me. I know for a fact that over the past years, I have been really into nude and blush-toned lips, but I still think classic reds will never go out of trend. 

The Maybelline Color Sensational lip range has struck me as one of the best drugstore lipstick ranges I have discovered. They have literally every kind of shade and every type of lipstick you might want for a really nice price. The lipsticks themselves are very great quality and are very pigmented and opaque. 
The Dynamite Red is the perfect blue-red that makes your teeth really white and is also the "Gigi" red lip if you've ever noticed her signature red shade. I am really in love with this statement shade and think it is perfect for the fall and winter. I also have a berry shade, obviously!

I am loving the look of berry shades on all skin types and it's the perfect color for fall. This shade is called Deepest Cherry and really is that perfect reddish purple. It looks like you've been eating a ton of cherries! The Maybelline lip range has loads of different shades and types of lipstick that I can't even tell you how many there are. I would definitely recommend checking it out because they're a great price for what they're worth. 


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