My 5 Cozy Candle Picks

It's that cozy time of year again when all I wanna do is cuddle up in my blankets, put on some Stranger Things, and drink some warm hot cocoa. This is probably my favorite season because I get to whip out all of my really warm scented candles. Also, since I'm home for about a month, I am allowed to actually burn candles now since I'm not in a dorm. My mom and I did a big candle shop over the past month and I always love sharing which scents I get with people because sometimes you can always discover new ones you've never heard of before. 

I've been introduced to so many different brands of candles that have fed my candle addiction, but to tell you all the truth, Bath and Body Works is like my holy grail when it comes to candles. I don't know what about the ingredients or production of these that make them so great at burning well and filling up the room with an awesome and mostly accurate scent to what they describe. 
The first two are more for your kitchen, but heck I love the fresh smell of these in the bedroom as well. They're great for pretty much any time of year, too. I have this Tea and Lemon candle which is so refreshingly citrusy. I also have this Bergamot Mint candle which is probably my favorite scent so far. Bergamot is a mix of citrus and I have just recently been introduced to it. I love how bergamot is very fruity and is more of a lime smell. Also, the packaging is uber cute. 
Sweater Weather is probably my favorite candle that Bath and Body Works has made. It honestly smells like a crisp fall day at an apple orchard or something. It's very woodsy and has hints of berry and sage. This is one I like to light before I get all comfy beneath my covers.  
This next one is called Sunlit Cedar and is probably like many Christmas tree candles. It's another very woodsy and has a little hint of mint. It reminds me of a time when my mom would host a candle buying party and she would invite all of her friends and our neighbors to come in and buy holiday themed candles while Michael Buble was playing in the background and all of our Christmas decorations were up. It's funny how one familiar smell can take you back so many years. 
Of course, we needed something a bit more sweet to balance all of the wood-like smells out. We chose Marshmallow Fireside as a classic sweet fragrance. It has hints of amber, woods, marshmallow, and vanilla. It makes me want to have bonfires all the time! I also love the knitted detail on the lid of a couple of these candles. It reminds me of a cable knit or some type of crocheted sweater. What do burning candles remind you of during this season? 

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