6 Travel Size Skincare Faves

Over the course of a couple months, I have accumulated multiple different samples of skincare products and I just recently posted my updated skincare regimen last week. You can read about my luxury skincare, here. I thought I would post a little more in-depth about the products that I have been using and trying out because I love to let you all know what's good! 

The first product that I have really been loving is the First Aid Beauty Cleanser. I have super sensitive skin and my skin has really been dry and irritated lately. I feel so refreshed after I use this in the morning and at night. It's light, but I feel like you can build a really nice lather with it. The sample size is perfect for me because you need just a little bit to go a long way.
The next two items were both a Sephora birthday gift that I got a bit ago and I really like them. I have never tried Caudalie products and was surprised with how well they work with my sensitive skin. I particularly liked the Moisturizing Sorbet Cream a bit more than the Dark Spot Serum that came with it. While I do appreciate the disappearance of dark circles, I favor moisturized skin a lot more. I loved how thick and heavier this moisturizer is, but it doesn't feel overly drowned in cream when I apply it. 

For desperate times when my skin is really suffering from dryness, I like to use the Korres Wild Rose Sleeping Facial to really just "marinate" on my face when I sleep. I feel like I get the most hydration with this and my skin is so soft in the morning. 
At times when my skin needs extra clearing, I love using masks and exfoliators. Especially with my dry and acne prone skin, I feel like I always have to be treating it somehow. I wonder if less is more in my case, but my skin never truly cooperates. I love the Origins Charcoal Mask so much and feel like I can get the most out of a quarter sized amount on my t-zone. I truly don't think anyone needs the full size of this mask because it spreads out so much. 

I have only recently been introduced to Kate Somerville and wasn't ever drawn to her products frankly because of the price. I was actually given this sample of the Exfolikate Treatment and fell in love. I'm sad that I probably won't buy this little guy again because half of an ounce is twenty-four dollars! Now I love all of its exfoliating qualities and I think that if you really wanted to treat yourself, it would be perfect. It contains papaya, pineapple, and pumpkin enzymes—which really sound yummy. I love travel size and sample size products so much and I have many floating around me at all times. They're perfect little stocking stuffers and are convenient for on the run or simply trying out new stuff! 

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