How to Achieve the Natural Brow

I know that the "natural brow" has become more of a trend lately, and I have to say that I'm loving it. I've always been messing with my brows and trying to change the way they look, but really, less is more when it comes to filling them in and trying to reshape them. I've found that the fewer products you use and the fewer strokes you make, the less there will be room for uneven, catastrophic brows. 

I've been using a couple Anastasia Beverly Hills products and just recently bought the Brow Wiz pencil which has been way easier than the pomade. I was using the pomade for a while and felt like it maybe intensified my brows more than I like them to be. 
With this Brow Wiz pencil, I can make smaller strokes on my brows and have it look way more natural. I really love how it is a little waxier and the little spoolie on the other end is very helpful. I don't know if there is an exact "trick" persay, but I know that you do not need to outline your brows drastically to achieve this look.

I also know that when you groom, pluck or wax your brows, you don't want to do it so much that every single stray hair is gone. Since the look is natural, you should leave some hairs on the outside of the brows. I know I really like this natural brow look, but I was wondering what all of you think. Are the more natural and minimal makeup looks seeming to become the new thing? 

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