A Happy Fall Weekend | Chicago Glossier, Family Photoshoot, City Views

I love updating you guys on what goes on during my weeks and I thought it would be the perfect time to reflect on this past weekend full of fun. I can't believe it is already the middle of October. I don't even have Halloween plans yet! Sadly, this weekend I came over with a very bad cold and sore throat, so I've been tackling that while all of these events took place over the weekend. NyQuil has indeed been getting me through. Get vaccinated everyone! It's that time of year. 
My weekends are really nice at school because the way my college works is that most classes are Monday through Thursday. I have a three day weekend every week and normally I take that time to study, babysit, chill and hang out, explore the city, or go home to the suburbs. It's a nice time to regroup before the busy week ahead. 
On Thursday afternoon, my friend Emily and I wanted to venture out and find the pop up Glossier shop downtown and get some goodies before they leave October 28th! It's located in the West Loop and was just a quick 'L' train transfer. To be honest, that was the day I really didn't feel good, but it's what you gotta do for Glossier! 

If anyone is new to Glossier or has never heard of it before, it is a minimalist makeup brand focused on the individual—in other words, "Glossier was founded on the fact that beauty isn’t made in a boardroom—it happens when the individual is celebrated". Their products focus on enhancing everyone's individual beauty and I could not wait to have a chance to try whatever I wanted. 

I knew that I wanted the Boy Brow because I had already been in need of a new eyebrow filler. The applicator is small, but the way you naturally sweep it over your brows creates an effortlessly full brow. It thickens, fills, and sets my brows in place without feeling sticky or leaving any residue! I also have been drawn to the Lid Star cream eyeshadow in Cub. It's the most beautiful copper color and gives a dewy and glimmery look without creasing. So, that was a very fun girl day to try out some makeup and all of the workers there were so helpful with finding products. I would recommend checking it out! 
Over the weekend, my mom scheduled a family photoshoot with one of her friend photographers. My mom especially loves getting our pictures taken and the last time we all had done a photoshoot together was probably more than five years ago. So, it was nice to get updated pictures and have Cooper join us, as well! 

We went to Fullersburg Woods which is not so far from my hometown. It was the perfect fall Sunday and we thought we were supposed to get rain, but we were so lucky. Cooper was such a good boy and I think we got some great pictures, which I hope to share with you all soon. 
Finally I got to visit a close family friend in the city before I went back to school for the week. My parents and I made a quick stop in Chinatown so I could pick up some Chinese pastries for my roommate and I to have for breakfast this week.

My family friend lives in the South Loop and has an apartment with an amazing view of the lake and Solider Field. You can see all of the changing trees and of course I needed a picture. It's these types of weekends that I love and living so close to home and surrounded by friends is so comforting and great. Going to school in the city has brought so much opportunity and I am so happy I get to have cherishable times like these. What was your weekend like?

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