My October Checklist | Pumpkin Picking, Family Reunions, Haunted Houses & More!

I am in shock by how fast this month has gone by because Halloween is in literally a day. I swear it was September like yesterday. I keep talking about time on here and it is still so surprising to me just how quickly it all changes and how unbelievably fast experiences go by. That said, I thought this post could be a little reflective on all the fall-related things I've done already because it's been a very eventful season. 
Near the end of September, my family and I went pumpkin picking at a rural pumpkin farm in Illinois. It was a little disappointing for my mom especially because we always try to look for those family owned and uncommercialized "pick-your-own" pumpkin patches. However, a lot of the ones close to using either has too many people now or already has pumpkins picked for you—or both. 

Our tradition of going out into the field and looking for the perfect pumpkin is something my family and I love doing. We even brought my dog Cooper along because we also love taking fall pictures while we do it. We did end up bringing home about five big ones, but it still wasn't entirely the same this year and I guess it was okay. 
So, after that, I actually got a chance to go visit my Grandpa in Michigan over a weekend. I love making special short trips to see family and it was really nice because I also saw my uncle and my dad's best friend who I've known since I was really little. Small reunions like that are always so sweet and I'm glad I got to go with my dad and my older sister, Melissa. 

Over this past month, I've really become family oriented and have realized how much I value family and make those efforts to connect with people I care about. I've always had that personality trait, but just recently it's been very evident and that's always a great thing to have. 
Later this month, I did something I wouldn't normally get myself into. My sister invited me to go to the 13th Floor Haunted House in Chicago. For some reason, I casually said yes and we all ended up there that night. It was me, my younger sister, her boyfriend, and a few other of our friends. I think part of me just wanted to be scared and do something adrenaline pumping and I was for sure on edge. 

If you love to get spooked and creeped out, this is the place for you. Obviously, there are actors and designed sets in there, but it makes it even more fun when you just play along and let yourself be scared. A lot of work and time goes into the creation of many haunted houses and my friends and I were talking about the art of scaring and how much goes into it. I let out a few screams ;)
I also got to carve my pumpkin just this past weekend and roast some of the pumpkin seeds. I am not sharing what my pumpkin looks like because it honestly backfired and fell inward on itself, but I did carve the boogie man from A Nightmare Before Christmas. That's probably one of my favorite Halloween movies and I'm surprised I haven't watched it at all this month or any other Halloween movies really. I have been watching more classic horror movies like The Shining, though, which I love. 

This weekend, or Hallo-weekend, I had a costume party with some of my closest friends and I went as Tom Cruise from Risky Business. Thankfully, it wasn't too cold out to wear shorts under my dress shirt I bought from Goodwill. I think this October has fulfilled my fall checklist of things to do and I'm amazed that it's almost over and the next thing we know it's Thanksgiving. I hope everyone has a  safe and spooky-ookey Halloween! 👻🎃


  1. Best idea ever! Pumpkin picking with your dog! Atowle|https://formationvacations.com/

    1. Thanks! It can be kind of difficult bringing a dog to a pumpkin patch with tons of kids, but it's fun nonetheless! X

  2. Looks like you have had the best month! The pumpkin picking photo is so cute x
    Amber | www.amberatlanta.blogspot.co.uk

    1. I really have! I'm surprised at how many fall related things I did and accomplished #win X