My Effortless College Haircare

I feel like I don't ever really talk about my hair that much because I'm honestly not one to put much effort into it most days. Some people have parts of their morning routine that they spend so much time on and my hair isn't one of them. My hair is constantly changing and I've done many things to it style wise in the past. It's still a long lob and my highlights are starting to fade for the winter, but I thought I would share what products and the main tool I use when I feel like sprucing it up a bit. 

My hair feels its greatest after I shower and blow dry it for like fifteen minutes. While, I wish that was the ideal situation for me everyday, taking a shower and all that is not practical for me and my sleep-wake cycle and workout schedule. My hair feels so fluffy and looks so smooth and shiny when I do, but on most days when I shower the night before, my hair isn't as voluminous the next day. 

I mainly take a brush to it and fluff it out. Sometimes when it really doesn't wanna manage, I'll use my Nume straightener, which I'm still amazed I bought for twenty bucks a couple years ago. Nume was having some promotional deal and all my sisters and I scored. If I really don't feel like wearing my hair down, scrunchies and hair ties are the way to go. I would say a top knot is my ideal hair style. 
As for products, I keep it very minimal. I've raved about the Ouai Texturizing Hairspray on the blog already and love it. However, I've discovered some newbees that I love now, too. The Bed Head Mini Hard Head is a great holding hairspray and I use this mainly when I decide to curl my hair. I need a strong hold hairspray, and at least a mini size, because you never know! 

I believe I've mentioned the Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo already, but I love it so much I thought I'd plug it in again. It's cucumber and green tea—so fresh and revitalizing. My hair feels so refreshed without the mangey residue that some dry shampoos leave. 

The newest addition to the haircare fam is the Dry Bar Triple Sec 3-in-1 and it literally does wonders. It's basically a texturizer, volumizer, and refresher all in one. I've found that it makes my straight lob look ten times better when I spray this on. It just makes my hair look more tousled and full! If you've noticed, these are all travel-sized products. Not only did I just want to try them out at first, but I honestly don't use up full size aerisol sprays to even want to buy them. I think the less you do to your hair, the better it looks. Thoughts? 

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