The Beauty of Letting Go.

 "The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let the dead things go." -Anonymous

One of the most redeeming qualities of fall is the ability to start over. So much has happened this year, good and bad, but knowing that you get a reset button is the most humbling and refreshing feeling. It's a warm hug from the universe. Anything you think is going wrong in your life at the moment will work itself out in the future and everything will be at peace. 

We hold onto relationships, grudges, memories, stress, and everything else. Nobody is telling us what is and what isn't important to hold onto. Having a chance to reflect and remember is great, but dwelling on the past and what is out of our control will only serve pain and regret. 
A lot of the times I try to take control of things. I think many people can relate to that and we all do it subconsciously. We all want what's best for ourselves and in some ways, it can be a really great thing. Taking initiative and going after things is never bad. However, when we try to take more than what we can handle, it becomes chaotic and stress-inducing. 

At least I've noticed that so many people, like me, are in fifty places at once all the time—nonstop. It's great to have momentum in your life, but when there are thoughts that pinch your nerves and make you have many double-takes, your mind can really mess things up. 

Just these past couple of weeks I was having basically an existential crisis. The fact that I'm almost halfway done with college is a scary thought. Me trying to make every moment count tries to overachieve and put many things on my plate all at once. The anxiety that comes from it is not worth it. I've realized worrying about things out of my control just makes life more difficult than it needs to be. The smaller things that bug me won't affect me in a week, month, or year from now; it's something I forget constantly. This season has definitely brought me great insight as to who I want to be and what I need to focus more and less on. 
It's not an easy thing to do. When so much is happening to you all at once, I know that trying to find a sense of release and content is not always ideal. For me, this feeling comes in phases and different times of the year depending on what's happening in my life. I've noticed that the best things that have happened to me came out of nowhere when I wasn't looking or expecting them too. It's like when all is good and I'm more to myself doing things I love, others around me reflect that and things tend to work themselves out. 

I find that when I release those dwelling thoughts and obligations, I can take my best foot forward and move onto the next best thing. That's all we can hope and there's no better way of looking at it like that. Finding ways to improve from your past, acknowledging it, and never looking back or second-guessing yourself. Life can be so much simpler. I promise. 

"Surrender to what is. Let go of what was. Have faith in what will be."- Sonia Ricotti

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