Why It Is Okay to Put Yourself First

In honor of Mental Health Day, which was yesterday October, 10th, I took it upon myself to dedicate a day to my overall well-being and mental state. I needed a day to myself and I think that it is totally okay to make time for yourself whenever you need it. I did some yoga, had some introspective thoughts, and am back to writing and getting shit done. 

While it can seem so easy to just turn off and take a break as a part of your normal routine, not many people have that ability. I know we are go-go-go crazy humans and if we aren't doing anything we feel like the world is just moving so fast around us—crazy what stress society puts on us amirite? With the entire political climate, media climate, social climate, and actual weather climate changing it can seem like there's no space to catch a breath, step back, and re-evaluate it all. 

I believe that everybody's attitudes, moods, and feelings effect everyone else's—I mean, of course they do because when we communicate, we express ourselves and our thoughts. People are so fearful sometimes to open up and tell someone that they're hurting, or stressed, or overwhelmed. As a result, we build up these emotions, not benefitting ourselves or those around us.

If you haven't already read in past articles, I've dealt with the fact that I worry about everybody else in my life all the time. I'm always "other-analyszing". When I really should be self-analyzing. You cannot resort to comparisons and making yourself feel worse because someone else has something you don't. It's self deteriorating. We are comparative creatures and we are always in search for the next best thing. The next best Iphone, Lipkit, job, grade, accomplishment, or what have you. 

It is imperative to our health to take breaks. When we work out too hard, we increase our ability to get injured and when we overwork ourselves, we increase the ability of mental breakdowns. People just don't feel like taking breaks because they feel fine and that's when they realize they really need a break once they've hit the extreme. It's definitely not a healthy routine if you ask me. 

Like my schoolwork, personal life, hobbies and writing, and everything else in between, I make an effort to put my mind in a place where I feel the most joy and content. I know what I'm like when I'm overly stressed and anxious, so I pace myself. Taking breaks from my blog and making priorities come first, especially my mental health. I make time to exercise, get my work done, work a little, socialize a bit, and decompress at the end of the day doing something relaxing and not physically inducing or strenuous. I try to eat well, drink water, and also treat myself when I feel like it. Finding balance in all of these things is going to positively effect the way you feel and think at the end of the day. 

When you get into that low place, because we all do at some point, remember that there is help and people who support you. We all are moving through the world with different mental capacities and different struggles. It is important for you to know that it is okay to reach out and ask for help and to tell someone you are hurting or conflicted. I know you are strong, exquisite, worthy, capable, important, and I will listen to you. 

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