10 Things To Be Excited About For Fall | 2016

Yes, I still have a mini pumpkin from last year. I love fall so much and I am beyond excited for this season to come into full effect. Especially during fall, it's cooling off and the outfit choices are much easier. You can wear jeans, boots, scarves, leggings, and so on. There are many things, besides the Pumpkin Spice Lattes, that I love about this time of year and I thought I would share them all with you guys. 
1) Every Makeup Product Berry-Red Colored.
I don't think there's any better time to wear a berry lip than during fall! I love the way it looks with pretty scarves and boots. Berry nails are also my fave to wear during this season.

2) Nude Nails.
I guess you could wear nude nails anytime of the year but, there's something about wearing a blushed nude during this season that's so timeless and classic. I love it! 
3) Fall Scented Candles.
When Bath and Body Works and every other home goods store starts advertising their fall products--I just can't. Gimme all the fall candles, lotions, and body sprays please!

4) Blanket Scarves.
These scarves get me through pretty much every school day. They act as a warm, trendy scarf and a sleeping device! Why can't we wear these every day?

5) Suede Hats.
I haven't been very confident with hats to be honest. I find it hard to style them with my shorter hair but, I really would like to try wearing my suede hat this season; I love the way they look on people!

6) Fairy Lights Galore.
Nothing sets the Fall mood more than copious amounts of twinkly lights all over your room! 

7) Rosegold Accessories.
If you know me already, rosegold has been a pretty popular favorite. However, something about fall makes rosegold accessories stand out more and I think they really compliment Fall colors.

8) Uggs.
Just warm Uggs. That's all. No explanation needed. 
9) Pumpkin Picking.
My family and I go pumpkin picking every year and we have pumpkin carving contests to see who can carve the best face on the jack'o'lantern! I love buying mini gourds to put in my room, as well. 

10) Late Night Reads. 
I'm one to stay up on a rainy, fall night and just read a really good book with a bunch of candles and fairy lights on. Maybe even a cup of tea, too!
I hope you all enjoyed this quick little post of all things fall! I can't wait for this season. I am so excited to start getting into the fall mood! Let me know in the comments what you guys have been excited about for this season. 

Xoxo, Nat


  1. I am so excited for all of these things too! I am so happy that autumn is here. x


  2. I love everything on your list! This is my favourite time of the year :)

    xo, Liz

  3. Berry colours definitely seem to be the colour of fall! Lovely post to read :)
    Kathy x

    1. I am obsessed with all things Berry! Thanks for enjoying my post XX


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