Fall OOTD | Obsessed with Athleisure?

Even though it's the middle of September (where has the time gone?), it's still 80 degrees in Chicago and there hasn't been any sign of Fall! It's at that awkward transition stage of Summer to Fall and I never know when to wear shorts or when to wear jeans. Lately, I've been wearing a lot of rolled jeans and tanks. It's a bearable in between when it's still pretty warm out but, night usually gets a lot cooler. I have also been loving black and heather toned stuff. It just pulls me in whenever I see a piece of clothing in a store nowadays. 
I would define my style as pretty sporty. I'm loving this "Athleisure" vibe and it's been hella comfy to wear pretty much anywhere. You can wear this outfit out to dinner, shopping, at a movie, to school, to work, or just hanging out on a chill Sunday with peeps. You can dress this look up or down and I love how versatile these pieces can be! 

I have seen a lot of these mixes of athletic wear paired with rolled up jeans and cute accessories; I have really grown to love it. High-neck muscle tees and ripped black jeans paired with my favorite Nike's have been a go to look for me this season. Adding a nice leather saddle bag can add a touch of sophistication and balance the ensemble, in my opinion. 
Shout out to my loving sis, Melissa, for helping me take these pictures (and Dad too). I haven't taken any fashion pics lately and I was inspired to take some when my family went out to Oak Park a bit ago. I've been obsessed with this type of style for a while now and I want to know what trends you guys have been loving lately as well! Let me know in the comments. 

Urban Outfitters Messenger Bag

Xoxo, Nat

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