Sprucing Up Your Work Space | 3 Helpful Tips

I thought it was time for a recent Interior post and over the past couple of weeks I have only been buying and eyeing down stuff to add to my work space. I don't know if it's the season transitioning into Fall but, I have been loving all of the interior pieces out there lately so much so that I have bought a lot of new things I really want to add to incorporate into my space. Hopefully, any of you looking to reinvent your desk space can find this helpful because I can't imagine working in a drab and boring cubicle all day. 
1) Add Prints, Colors, Metals, & Textures
I believe that in order to create a less boring work space, adding different colored designs and patterns can bring any office or desk space to a happier mood. Whether that be colorful folders, different types of pens and writing utensils, rosegold binder clips or a phone case, flamingo note cards, or even a minimalist, marble planner
2) Incorporate Plants & Flowers
Any work space can be immediately transformed and livened by a simple vase of flowers. Adding pops of color, flowers can enhance your uninspiring office into a vibrant place to do your job in. Flowers aren't just for your kitchen table! 

These flowers don't even have to be bought; they can be right from your back yard. I know that huge bouquets can be costly and flowers don't last very long anyway. If the time or effort in cutting, watering, or caring for a plant isn't your strong suit, I recommend buying a cactus or a succulent because you only have to water them every couple of weeks! 
3) Use Ambient Lighting
My teacher at school has a lamp on her desk and sometimes she'll leave it on during class and it makes all the difference. It's nice to have a lamp on your desk to make the space more "homier" in a way and also let you focus a bit more on whatever you are working on. Sometimes recessed lighting can deter any imagination and lighting "lighting can influence our well-being and that we can manipulate lighting to help improve our well-being" (The Huffington Post). Use something like this sweet Edison bulb I found at Papersource! 
I would love to hear your thoughts about more things you can add amp up a work space. Even if this is just for an office at home, I think these tips can really benefit anyone's work ethic! 

Xoxo, Nat

Howard, Jacqueline. "How Just The Right Lighting May Improve Learning In 
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  1. These are all great tips! Flowers/plants are such an easy way to brighten up space :)

    xo, Liz

    1. Thanks! I really think so. I love making my desk look inviting :)

  2. Great tips! I also love having notebooks lying around and such to jot down notes, also they're cute!
    Kathy x


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