Makeup Expiration Dates | Save or Toss?

I know there comes a time when make lovers, like myself, ask this hard question: "How long have I had this makeup for?". Most of the time we'll hoard our makeup because "that mascara was so expensive and amazing" or "I will never be able to find this exact shade ever again". As I constantly add on to my collection, I find loads of products that I have been holding onto for so long and either haven't worn or kept for weird sentimental reasons. 
Makeup is not a memory or some photograph that we have to keep forever. It's replaceable and to be frank, it's down right gross. I've been doing some heavy research on estimated times you should toss your makeup and was very surprised to find out that a lot of makeup should be thrown out earlier than expected.
Face Makeup
Face Powder & Blushes- About 2 years
Normally, powders, blushes, and bronzers don't produce a ton of bacteria overtime since they are "dry" products. It's something you put on your face (most likely everyday), it's still good to replace them every now and then.

Concealers & Primers- About 1 year
I would say that since you are using the applicator over and over again, you continually pump air into the product which dries it out and adds more bacteria to the product. This could also lead to dry or red under eyes if not thrown out in time. 

Liquid Foundations & Creams- 6-12 months
Since these are "wet" products, they will produce an insane amount of bacteria. You put foundation all over your face so make sure you are changing your foundations and not keeping them for over a year. If you want your foundation to last a bit longer, look for foundations with a pump instead.
Lip Products
Lipstick-12-18 months
I think this lipstick above was in my vanity for like 5 years! It was such a great shade of red and I wore it for pretty much everything. However, it smelled horrible and was starting to make my lips itchy. 

Lip Liner- 2 years
I haven't had a problem with lip liners 1) because I normally don't use them as much and 2) I don't have a ton in my collection anyway. 

Lip Gloss- 1 year
Lip gloss is probably the worst of the three. It's wet, sticky, and is easily susceptible to an increased amount of bacteria because it's a liquid.  
Eye Makeup
Mascara- 2-3 months
Mascara for me has been the toughest product to let go of. I always find a really great mascara or I'll purchase a high end mascara and will never want to just throw it out because of how much money I spent on it. Mascara is one of the most common products to cause eye infections so I think it's vital to get rid of mascaras that you've had for a long time (even if they're your faves).

Eye Liner- 6 months
Like mascara, liner is something that can also cause bad eye infections. 

Eye Shadow- 2 years
Since eye shadow is a powder, it can last for a pretty long time. So, don't throw out your most treasured palettes! Sometimes you can use a makeup cleaner spray and lightly wipe your shadows down.  

Cream Eye Shadow- 1 year
Like many liquid products, these have a shorter life span because they do harbor a lot of bacteria and aren't easy to really clean.

Eyebrow Gel- 12-18 months
I would say that eye brow gel isn't too much to worry about. I've had my Mary Kay brow gel for a while and since i'm the only one using it, I think it's okay to keep it for a little bit longer. 
Brushes & Tools
Beauty Blender & Makeup Sponges- 6 months-1 year
I've heard a lot of bad stories about keeping old beauty sponges and it has scared me so much that I have to literally wash my sponge every single time I use it. They mold overtime and contain a lot of bacteria that can cause acne and infection. I would recommend washing your sponge constantly and replace it if it looks torn or you can't seem to clean any product out.

Brushes- Normally replacing a brush depends on the amount of usage and clean-age. I would recommend replacing older brushes that look frayed or the hairs start to shed off of them and onto your face like this Sonia Kashuk one. 
Obviously, I'm not telling you guys to just throw out probably loads amount of money spent on your treasured beauty products but, sometimes it's time. Whether it's your favorite Benefit mascara or the only foundation you think "works best for you", it's time to rid of all that may cause nasty eye infections and excess acne we all dread! Slowly, tossing some products that you think have been lying around your vanity for some time might be a great idea. On the bright side, you get to declutter your space and possibly go out and try brand new makeup to replace the old stuff! Who knows, maybe you'll discover better products; these things are easy to replace and makeup will always be around. 

I hope this helped any of you makeup enthusiasts out there! Sometimes I forget that makeup builds a ton of icky bacteria and I shouldn't be hoarding everything for stupid reasons. Is there a product you can never seem to toss? 

Xoxo, Nat


  1. This gave me a huge reminder that I need to go through a lot of my makeup and throw a lot of it away haha! I never ever throw makeup away just because I think about the money I spent on it, but I guess I really shouldn't think of it that way
    Kathy x

    1. I look at is as a way to try out new products. When you go into a store, think of the product you want to buy and make sure that you know it will be something you're going to really want to use often. Then you won't feel bad about tossing it after a long use of it! XX


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