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I haven't done a nail polish post in so long and to be fair, I'm not that big on the #nailsonfleek trend but, I found possibly one of the most life changing (a little dramatic, Natalie) nail polishes for all you lazy nail people out there like myself. 

I've always hated doing my nails; I thought there was no hope for us girls that despise nails and all things that come with it. Until one very blessed day as I was strolling past a Walgreen's kiosk that read, "1 STEP GEL, NO LAMP", and I was instantly hooked. Wet n Wild's Wondergel has changed the nail polish game for sure. This product is only five bucks and does "wonders" on my nails, here's why:
1) They're So Opaque
I don't think I have encountered a nail polish that has the best opaqueness these do. Every time I have used these, I've only used one coat and I was done. Every color I have bought (only these three, so sad) performed beautifully.

2) They Don't Chip--EVER
I wore this polish for over two weeks and it never budged. Sometimes, with my nail polish on my toes, it never chips but, even on my fingernails nothing came off! 

3) Flash Drying Time
I couldn't compare how fast the drying time was in minutes or even seconds because it literally dries as soon as you apply it. I can be in bed and apply one coat to my nails and go to sleep as soon as I'm done it's that fast. Funny story, I painted my nails with this and immediately ate Flaming Hot Cheetos right after so, if that doesn't say it's a holy grail polish then I don't know what does. 
4) The Best Brush 
I'm never the one to get picky about a nail polish brush but, it so makes the difference! Especially this one because it's flat and can spread across the entire nail as you apply the polish. 

5) No Top Coat or Lamp Needed
There's no need for any final coat or lamp. The beauty of this polish is how easy and convenient it is to use. It looks like a gel and stays looking like a gel for so long. 

If any of you are like me and dread the chore of painting nails, please go out and try these polishes. They're super affordable and amazing quality gel polishes. Wet n Wild keeps impressing me every time they come out with new stuff so I highly recommend trying their other products out. Have you guys tried these yet?

Xoxo, Nat

*Shades from left to right: Don't Be Jelly!, Pretty Peas, Stay Classy


  1. This sounds amazing! I hate how quickly my nails chip when I dont do gels.


    1. I can't stress how amazing these truly are. Please go out and try one because they don't chip EVER! X

  2. These sound brilliant! It's a brand I have yet to try so definitely will look into these, thanks for sharing :)

    Lotte | www.lottebeautybox.blogspot.co.uk

    1. I love Wet n Wild so much! All of their products are pretty spot on so, recommend you try them out XX

  3. These sound so nice!
    Kathy x


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