5 Things to Remember During Your Last Year of High School

My last year of high school--freedom at last. No more testing, no more taking the bus, no more stuffing things into my locker, no more anything. It's a bittersweet thing to say and I'm trying to take in every moment of my Senior year. Normally, Seniors have very laid back schedules and get to take all the fun classes and get off-campus during their lunches at my school. All of this "Senioritis" (a faux disease that drains all of the effort in Seniors near the end of the school year) fades away in a snap and the next thing you know, you're at college. So, I thought I would share with you guys some things I personally think are important to remember during your last year at high school.

1) Be Involved While You Still Can 
Even if you live over seas and don't have "high school", we all eventually graduate from school and time really does fly by. Maybe at the last minute you decide to join a club you never really got to go to or you weren't really interested in going to Homecoming this year because it was "so boring" the other years. It's important to just go do these things because you only go through high school once (well, a majority of us do at least). 
2) Make The Most With Your High School Friends
It may seem pretty sad but, many of us will go to college and pursue our dreams really far away from home. With that being said, making the most of the moments you have with your childhood/high school friends is really important.

I have friends who plan on moving all the way across the country and it is really sad to say that I probably will never see them again. Texting and Facebook can only help so much in these situations.

3) Enjoy Time With Family
Besides the home cooked meals and clean laundry, your "familia" won't be around much while you're at college. You'll probably be up late at night calling your parents because you just got homesick, and that's okay! Our parents do so much for us (like pay for us to go to college) and it's only necessary to instead of go out and party or hide away in your room, to talk to them and spend time with them when you can. Your parents will always be there for you but, you will find that college teaches you a lot about living on your own.
4) Don't Worry About Where Your Friends Are Going
I know it's hard not to feel pressured about what and where your friends are doing and sometimes it gets the best of me, too. Not everyone is going into the same major, has the same financial reasons, or personal reasons to all go to the same college together. I know that it can be hard to not compare yourself to someone who might be going to a bigger college than you. All you need to focus on is what you want to accomplish and achieve in college, not what you're friends want to accomplish or achieve. Find your passion and stick with it! 

5) Enjoy High School While It Lasts
I have heard the endless, "What are your post high school plans?", "Where are you going to college?", EVERYTHING. The more I hear, the closer it is to making an actual decision about college and my future. It's the real world after high school and I'll have to start functioning like an adult. Scary, I know. All I can do now is take in the moments I have left and that's something we, Seniors, forget as we start to fill out applications and get important fees and documents turned in on time. 

I can't speak for everyone, obviously because not everyone goes to high school but, I hope this helped anyone who is graduating this year and knows that they aren't alone! I am terrified and excited about what's to come after high school and college will be another huge journey that I will take on through my blog. This is just the beginning of the end--and I can't wait. 

Xoxo, Nat

*Photo album and notebook courtesy of my dear friend, Ellaby, for my birthday. Thanks so much <3

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