Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette

I think it's been awhile since I have reviewed an eyeshadow palette and I am very excited to be sharing this one with all of you today. The Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette has been a product that I have always admired, ever since it came out last summer, while walking past the beauty counters in  the shops. I wouldn't say that I absolutely love palettes in general because they're way too big for me to ever use up, but I think this will be the first palette I have and will use up until I'm scraping the shadows from the pan. 

I wrote briefly about this palette in my Christmas post as it was one of the gifts I received this past year. I think what really drew me to this palette was the entire aesthetic of it. It comes in a beautiful blush, velvet packaging that is very cute and is probably the first thing I noticed. Obviously, I was drawn to the incredibly beautiful shades. The rich golds, vibrant oranges, and deep red shades really stood out to me. 
I like to buy palettes when I know I have room and the need for new eye shadows. I was holding off for awhile before Christmas to get a palette because I knew I wanted this one--and this one only. This palette is priced at around $45 and really isn't that bad for a 14 color palette (compared to an Urban Decay palette). I was so eager to try out the red shades because you would never think red would be a shade to put around your eyes. I wanted to try something new with my eye makeup and I have really loved the contrast it gives when you pop the color in the crease or on the outer lid. I recently did an eye look on my blue eyed sister, and it looks so classy and elegant. The overall theme of the palette was really well thought out. I love the renaissance inspired colors and the names are really unique to that period. I honestly feel like an artist when I use it. 
I have swatched the palette a couple times in Sephora to see how the color payoff is and I was so impressed. SO IMPRESSED by Anastasia Beverly Hills. I know she has amazing products already and this palette takes the cake. Each shade is so buttery smooth. There is minor fall out here and there depending on the amount you use, but other than that, the powders are all amazingly opaque and vibrant like any paint would be. 
For the sake of saving time and not having to swatch and touch every shade with my finger, I swatched two shades that I really love using. This one above is Primavera and is the perfect inner corner, champagne shade. It has just the right amount of shimmer to it and makes any eye look pop. It also is great to use on top of the lid to add a bit more definition. 
I also wanted to swatch Red Ochre for you guys so you all can see the pigmentation of the deeper shades. It just looks so yummy! I think this would be a great touch to any eye look to add some color especially during the summer or fall. I guess you could also use it in the winter, but ohhh do I love this shade of red. 

Each color blends really nicely and some of the deeper shades like the reds and oranges are actually better when applied with a finger to ensure all of the color to appear on the lid. Otherwise, using a brush works just as well. 
Another shade I fell in love with was Buon Fresco, which is a very rich taupe (in the center above Red Ochre). I think this shade is great used all over the lid and nothing else. I have heard every blogger rave and express their love for this palette and I thought I could add to the mix for any of you looking for a new palette to try out. I think palettes can be hard to find or just hard to own because they can be expensive, too big, or maybe they just aren't the right shades you like or are comfortable with. Everybody has their own preferences and that's what I love about the variety of palettes out there. Have you tried this palette yet? 

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