Holy Grail Winter Skincare

During the winter I really try to focus more on taking extra care of my skin. Recently, I have noticed more dryness and breakouts, probably due to different products and the very quick drop in temperature. It's been in the negatives for about two weeks here in Chicago. I've especially been trying to not over use products and make sure I am moisturizing while also treating my acne without drying it out even more. 

There have been a lot of products that I noticed that have made a huge difference this season in my skin. I'm all about pamperment and I think it's an important thing to do for yourself every once and a while. 
I was wandering around my Target during winter break and literally stopped dead in my tracks when I noticed this on the "new in beauty" shelf. Next to all of the Neutrogena wipes and Burt's Bees holiday gift sets, were these Zoella Beauty Ginger Fizzers. I have no idea where they came from because they were the only products from Zoella's range there. They are not as exciting as the Lush Bath Bombs, but they leave a very warm and spicy scent to any bath. I just love putting things in my baths anyway, so this was a really surprising treat to find at Target since they don't sell her line anywhere. 
I really got into all of the facial sprays this winter and have really loved rosewater and everything rose scented. The Mario Badescu Facial Spray is perfectly refreshing and hydrating when I have dry patches on my face. It's also a really nice makeup setting spray, too. 
I know I have mentioned the Lush Yoga Bomb before and I had to go repurchase it because it is just a really great, relaxing bath bomb to have. I love coming home from a hot yoga class and soaking into a bath and plopping this bath bomb in. 

When I take showers and baths, I like to use my First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser to fully clean out my pores and help reduce some of the oil that naturally builds up. I find this cleanser to be really helpful and is very great with my sensitive skin. It has a fresh scent to it and a little goes a very long way because it lathers nicely on my skin. 

I have also been using many different lotions lately (because I'm obsessed and receive them as gifts all the time). Firstly, the Body Shop Mango Treats Gift Set was one gift I received this year and it comes with a loofa, mini lotion, and mini shower gel. I love the mango scented line from the Body Shop and this cute lotion is perfect to take with me to travel with during the holidays. I also pop the Burt's Bees Nourishing Milk and Honey Body Lotion into my purse for travel and to help keep my hands from drying out from the cold.  
A nice way to finish off the winter pampering is with a facial mask. I love Lush's masks (and we all know that), but there have been some drugstore masks that I quite enjoy as well. If you are looking for easy and inexpensive facial masks to do, the Que Bella masks are really nice to use. Especially the Deep Cleansing mask and the Pore Minimizing masks are great hydrating and oil preventing masks. These are really fun to do with friends because everybody's skin type is different and you can pick and choose the one best for you. I have a lot more and I think I want to review all of them for you guys, so let me know! 
I am a skincare freak and love trying new things. It's cold and unfortunately, the warm months are still far from arriving. My skin is on a roller coaster ride right now and can't decide how to react to this oppressively cold winter. Hopefully it'll get better. What's been in your holy grail winter skincare routine? 

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