Inexpensive Pamper-Time | Que Bella Face Masks

It's always great to put off time to pamper yourself and I am a true believer in it. Among the chaotic week filled with work, school, and other things, we kind of forget to think about ourselves every once and awhile. In the beauty franchise, many brands have their own skincare lines and very nice, high quality (and high priced might I add) skincare products. Most masks you find at Sephora can range from $20-$100+ dollars. For most of us, we find ourselves at our local drugstores looking for the best masks for the cheapest price. 

Especially for an easy and inexpensive mask, the Que Bella range of masks are so individually made for different skin types and my friend gave me this awesome pack of them (I think I already used one of them to try it out).  

Each mask is priced at around two bucks; there are cream, gel, and sheet masks and are all made with 80% natural products. Obviously, with it being very inexpensive, they are not made with 100% natural ingredients and contain preservatives to let them last for a longer period of time. There's a very generous amount of mask in each packet so, you could easily share these with friends who have the same skin type as you.  
So far, I have used a couple more of these masks and really like them. They're not you're 24 karat masks, but these are really great to use as a little pick-me-up on a cozy, Sunday night. These are sold at Target and I believe Walmart and Ulta, as well. 

Sometimes, with cheaper masks, I find them to make my skin tingle a bit. I haven't had any allergic reaction to it, so I think they're okay for sensitive skin. A couple of the masks tingled, but I read on the back that it was normal for them to do that. If you are a bit skeptical, I would recommend reading the ingredients to see if you are prone to a reaction from it or just buy one and try it to see. These are super fun to do at sleepovers and parties, so I would definitely recommend these for anyone of you looking for a cheaper way to look gawrgeous! See you guys on Thursday. XX

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