The Nars Foundation That Is Worth The Hype

For all of my years I've had with makeup, I've always wondered what it was like to actually own a Nars product, let alone four, because I was darn right broke (and still am). After constantly wanting more from my foundation, I decided to splurge for myself and purchase the ever-so-praised, Nars Velvet Matte Tint in the shade, Finland. I knew that I needed to try out Nar's foundations before spending 45 bucks on a product. It's a pretty big investment, but my attitude towards it was just psyched to get something better for my skin that I could wear wherever, whenever without creasing, sliding around, and becoming oily easily since it is a matte foundation. 

I walked into my Sephora and bee lined straight to the Nars counter just so I wouldn't have gotten distracted by the other amazing products Sephora has to offer. Commercialism, people! Anyway, I wandered over and a nice woman greeted me and I immediately got help to find the best foundation for my skin. The lady color matched me first and I think it only took her one try to figure out my shade. Props to her! I felt very comfortable with the shade and it wasn't too orange or yellow. 

Nars has four different types of foundations and I ended up trying the Sheer Glow and the All Day Luminous, along with the Velvet Matte. The lady gave me three quarter sized containers of each to bring home and put to the test. To be honest, it was more than enough product to use for about a week or two (and I still have extra) to try out. You only need a pea sized amount which is great. 
I knew immediately that I did not want any part of the All Day Luminous because it is a water based foundation and with my oily skin, it was a complete no-go. I was unhappy with the application as I found it to stick into every nook and cranny on my face. It took a lot to actually build coverage on my face and I have heard a lot of disappointing reviews about it. I also tried the Sheer Glow, which was okay, but I still didn't want the "extra" glow it promised, or the Sephora lady promised. 

When I tried the Velvet Matte though, I knew right away that I liked it a lot. I used a Beauty Blender with all of the foundations and I think it worked best with this one. It truly is velvety smooth and leaves my skin feeling soft and crease free. With that said, I have been wearing it for about a month and it lasts a good eight hours before I notice some natural oil around my t-zone. I never thought I would like matte foundations, because they usually make my skin look dry and cracked, but this one practically does the job of a hydrating foundation without bringing out excess oil. 
You get a very copious amount of product in the tube and I only use less than a pea sized amount for my entire face. Another thing that really impressed me was that it had an SPF 30. This foundation sort of reminds me of a tinted moisturizer (which I think they have as well), but without being too light coverage. It has a great medium coverage and is pretty buildable if you wanted more. For my situation, I normally don't wear a crap load of product during school, so this is great for an everyday makeup look. I think this could also be very elegant for a night out or even prom. I think because it is so matte, it's perfect for an event like that. It smoothes out everything and leaves a very natural finish. 
I know paying this much for a foundation is ridiculous and there are some great alternatives out there, but a girl's gotta live a little, amirite? I was already using up my older BB creams before buying this so, I would be stuck with a pile of foundation to use up. I really think splurging on a great face product is worth it. Especially if it's something you could practically wear anywhere. I love keeping the sample jar as a travel jar so I can bring a little bit of the foundation wherever I travel. Surprisingly, I haven't heard any negative things about this foundation at all, but if you have tried it, please share your thoughts! I'd love to hear them :)


  1. I've been wanting to give this a try! Glad to hear it's worth purchasing.

    xo, Liz