No More Resolutions | 2017 Goals

This past year seemed like it flew by way too fast. I know years can bring good things and unfortunately bad things to us and we sometimes associate them with how we felt about the year. I feel like this year has been a huge roller coaster ride. Now, I'm not so keen on resolutions. I know I may have mentioned resolutions, but to be totally honest, we forget and make mistakes. That's why, for 2017, I want to set goals for myself because if I do mess up or forget to do something, it'll just be another reason to try again and keep reaching that goal. I went to a yoga class last night actually and my instructor was explaining to us that we sometimes lose ourselves in these resolutions or "rules" we set for ourselves when really, we should be setting goals to become our better selves. 

I know you may not know my yoga instructor or have any reason to believe what she says, but I have taken it as a way to make my life a little less stressful among the chaos and twists and turns of reality. I have mini goals and very personal goals that I kind of want to share. My first one being, I would like to open up more on my blog. I know I talk a lot about products and things I like, but I seem to have lost the personality a bit and would like to start being more...uncensored. Uncensored from a fear of what people might think if I reveal or expose myself a bit on here. I mean it's my blog anyway. So, here goes.
Be More Open With People
I have the tendency to hide in my little, brunette shell and sometimes that's okay, but most of the time it's not. I would like to be able to express myself in my writing (more than what I have already) and just be completely blunt about things. I think I have been a little distracted on my blog lately and haven't really expressed myself to my full ability. I wish I could have said some things differently or just taken a step back to think about things for a bit, then just share them and see what happens. I'm just gonna be me more. 

Stop Worrying About Things Too Much
With school, my blog, future college plans, and my personal life, I am way WAY too invested in who, what, where, when, and the why of everything. Instead of worrying about my tests, I'm worried about when I'm gonna get to upload a post or go return that sweater that was too big or something like that. I have always struggled with this. It's not like I had a priority mishap, but maybe too many. I mean for one thing, I have always been great at organizing, but that comes from the fear and my anxiety of not having anything organized or in place. Sometimes I need to step back and I forget to. A lot of the times, things are just out of my control. 

Listen More and Be Present
I know it might be cheesy, but my English teacher actually made me think of this. She was talking to our class about participation in discussions that we have throughout the year and she kind of criticizes us on how unnatural we are when the only reason we talk is to respond, not to understand. Besides her grading on us for just giving a word, that's not how discussions play out in real life (if you can believe it). Sometimes, it's better to listen and then respond to understand or even contribute to furthering the discussion. We don't always think before we talk and that's something I need (and a lot of people) work on. It might be good to just hear what someone else has to say and be present in the conversation. 
Stop Comparisons and Give Myself Credit
I think as humans, it's in our nature to look at someone and want what they have or desire to be something or someone else. I'm guilty of it and so is everybody else (unless you're magical or something). I've been trying to focus on bettering myself especially when it comes to exercising and trying to improve myself. I've been doing yoga for almost over two years now and yeah, there have been times when I see someone who can go into a pose I can't go into or who can lift more weight than I can. 

I forget that I am the one in control of change and I am the one with this body that I was given and am so grateful to have. I'm healthy and thankful for my body. I need to remind myself that I can only compare myself to who I was yesterday; that girl who could barely balance on one leg to that girl who can do a headstand and hold it for one hour (if she was dared that is). 

Focus On The Good and Appreciate Things
Straying away from the bad comparisons and hate we give ourselves and I give myself sometimes, I forget to focus on what actually matters most and what makes me happy. I don't always remember to think of the good, "little" things that happen everyday. There's always going to be a new day, and it's up to me to make it what I want of it. It's raining? Go out and sing in the rain. Life is never going to give us greatness and it's up to us to make something of it. I fall into a trap of having something stupid like bad costumer service ruin my day (even if it's the absolute worst!) and I never remember their side or the things that kind of matter more. 

These were just five of the most important things I think I need more improvement on this year, but just for "funsies" I thought I would make a list of some other smaller goals I would like to try and accomplish in 2017:

  1. Make Better Food Choices Every Now and Then
  2. Get Stronger (maybe a six pack? lol)
  3. Get Emotionally Stronger 
  4. Spend Less, Save More (for college duh)
  5. Help Out and Volunteer
  6. Say Hi to More People
  7. Stop Judging and Making Assumptions About People
  8. Be Patient
  9. Drink More Water (hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!)
  10. Treat My Bad Skin 
  11. Write On Paper More
  12. Be Social, But Also Stay In More
  13. Treat Myself Every Once and Awhile
  14. Buy Even More Flowers (life's too short not to)
  15. Try New Foods, Music, Cultures, etc...
  16. Do Lots of Yoga (and try a new type of exercise too)
  17. Travel More
  18. Eat That Bag of Doritos Cuz You Can
  19. Stop Apologizing, Start Thanking
  20. Look Around More and Soak It All In
  21. Stop Doubting
  22. Trust More People
  23. Take Pictures and Save Moments
  24.  Stop Buying Things I Don't Need
  25. Say "I Love You" More and Give More Hugs
  26. Try Something New With My Look and Makeup
  27. Compliment More
  28. Smile More
  29. Graduate Highschool
  30. Survive College (we can only hope)

I hope this brought in some insight and inspiration for any of you needing help with setting goals or any idea as to what their new year might bring them. As for this blog, I plan to keep pushing through this whole year! I want my blog to be more of a reflexion of myself and just improve my connection with all of my readers (who i dearly appreciate so very much). I think I will cut myself some slack and lay off blogging every now and then. All I want to do is create and write what I feel in the best way I can. That can only happen if there is inspiration and I want it to be great for everyone. I will try to accomplish these goals and if it seems like I'm off track (blogging wise), let me know! Also, if you would like to talk to me (which I hope you do), please visit my "contact" page to find my email! I would love to get to know all of you guys better as we start the new year. 

What goals have you set for yourself for the new year?

P.S. Oh I forgot, I think I am going to stop with the "xoxo, Nat". I don't know, I think it's time for some change, aesthetically if that's alright. What do you guys think? Obviously, I'll continue the questions. ;)


  1. I prefer goals too! Nice ones!


  2. I feel like I'm a pretty closed off person myself and I tend to only open up to people I'm really really close with, great goals !!
    Kathy x

    1. I can totally relate! Thanks for enjoying them :)