The Powder of Champions | Mac Studio Fix

Across all of the well known beauty brands many have come very known to have great pressed powders. However, I have found one of the best, in my opinion, high end and reliable pressed face powders out there. The Mac Studio Fix Powder gives off great medium coverage and is my everyday go-to powder for touchups or use on my lighter makeup days when I don't feel like caking on a full face of makeup. 

I knew about this powder, but was hesitant about spending approximately $27 on a face powder, when I could easily run over to Walgreen's and purchase three Rimmel Stay Matte powders if I wanted with the same amount of money. I was, to be honest, sick of drugstore powders (yes, there are some I love), but I was ready to actually treat myself and stop walking past the Mac counter wanting to try out this powder that is probably better for my skin anyway. 
When I walked into the Mac store at my local mall, it was New Year's Eve and crazy packed with people getting their makeup done for the long night out. I was expecting it to be crowded and actually had a bad time there. I talked to about three people to get helped and matched to this powder (which only took 2 seconds) and I ended up waiting for about 45 minutes until someone else's makeup artist was helping me as she was doing the woman's makeup. Besides that fiasco, I think I have learned my lesson for walking into a Mac on New Year's Eve. 

The lady that color matched me did it by looking at my face once and letting me try it out to see if I liked the color. She chose NC20 and it was surprisingly the exact shade of my face. I gotta give those makeup artists credit because it probably would have taken me an hour to figure it out, since I am so indecisive about shades. 

The formula was actually very smooth and silky on the face. I swatched it and thought I was touching butter. Compared to my drugstore powders, there is an obvious difference. This powder does not crumble or has a lot of fallout which is great when you've just put on a nice outfit and it basically snows all over your new dress. I think the biggest thing I noticed with this powder was the way it kept my face incredibly matte and shine free. Specifically around my T-zone, I get insane amounts of oil on occasion and this powder really helps to lock it in and prevent any oil from getting through. Drugstore powders usually don't last for a very long time, but this one really does, even with full coverage foundation on underneath it. 
I like to apply my powders with a brush, but I do notice that using a Beauty Blender or any makeup sponge helps for setting under eye concealer and this powder can act as a baking powder if desired. I love Mac's sleek and simple packaging that also features a little compartment for a sponge to use on the go! It's little details like that that I just love about any makeup brand. They take the time to create great, useful products and Mac has really impressed me. This being the first Mac face product I have used, kinda makes me want to try out the Mac Studio Fix foundation next. 
Whether you are looking for a new powder, wanting to try something new to add to your makeup collection, or just want to know what's good, try this! I know it's a lot of money to spend on a product, but this goes on like butter and is really great for sensitive skin. Sometimes it's nice to treat ourselves and powder is something that I use almost every single day (not on no-makeup days obvi). I think it is a very practical thing to spend on once you find the right powder that works for your skin type and doesn't react poorly with your skin. For me, this is a great powder and it will probably be a continuous product I use in my routine. What face powder do you guys love?

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